Please recommend really nice surround speakers

I have a Meridian G68 AV processor and G55 5 channel amp. My L&R speakers are Wilson Sophia's. My center channel is Genesis (OK but not great) and my sub is Energy (OK but not great).

I have some old Tannoy surrounds and they stink. Can somebody please recommend a really nice set of surrounds? They will mainly be for movies, but sometimes I like to listen to music CD's using the Meridian's soundfields that employ surround sound.
It is extremely important to match all speakers in a surround system for best balance, Wilson Audio makes a gorgeous center and surrounds, they will mate best to your Sophia's. I would recommend you stay with Wilson all the way around.
I agree with Kennyt. So many people complain about HT sound quality but at the same time use a "dogs breakfast" of gear.