Please, recommend me

I'm tryng to decide which mono amps would be a better replacement for my Emotiva XPA1's to drive my Tyler's D1 speakers. The options I'm considering (used, in the same price range) are the Pass XA100.5 and the BAT 600M SE. Thank you all.
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND and URGE you to demo the Veritas mono blocks by They are GREAT (the best I have heard for the price)sounding amps that beat out other well known amps costing far more. They were offering for a limited time an intro price but I am not sure they still are. Contact Merrill and tell him I sent you. I get nothing for that, just the satisfaction that if you do try them I have helped a fellow Audiophile find a diamond among all the coal out there, so to speak.
They are Class D, right?
Yes, but unlike any previous. They are based on the new Hypex NCore NC1200 tech. I can not name names but there are long time "I have heard Class D, they all sound the same, I like tubes/Class A" audiophiles and industry types that have heard the Ncore NC1200 based amps and have been amazed at what they heard and liked what they heard. Be careful as Hypex also sells a DIY version the NC400. It is also very good but people who have heard both can not get over that the NC1200 sounds so much better over the NC400.
What are you trying to achieve with this upgrade, Leog?
I'd choose the Pass.
Bondmanp, I'm looking what we all do... "perfection", or something pretty close to it...
Faghet about it !!!!!
Go for the Pass Labs. But the BAT is no slouch either.