Please recommend DVD Recorder w/hard-drive.

I am looking for one of these in the $500-$600 range.
I want to offload things from my Dish Network DVR to both the hard drive for quick access and to DVDs for archiving.
Thanks in advance for any help.
I've had great luck with Sony's RDR-HX900. Bought it brand new off Ebay for $599 plus shipping. Retail is $799. I've been extremely happy with it, and it is easy to use. I would buy another one!
Sid, thank you! I will look into it. -Rich-
I have a Panosonic DMR-E80H. About 1-2 years old. Current models are pretty much the same. Pretty easy to use once you master the instruction book. Not the best read though. Video is excellent via hard disk and DVD. Bought an upscaling DVD and the Panasonic blows it away.
Gobulls, thanks. I am looking at the DMRE55.