Please recommend an amp for an ancient system?

I have ancient speakers, that I still love. My speakers are Raga Model 3's, my turntable is a Dual 505 and my CD player is a Marantz cc38ubl (to be upgraded soon). I've gone to listen to new speakers several times, but keep coming back to what I own. My needs are simple - I listen to classic rock and classical music in a 15' x 18' room. I need a new (to me) amp to power my Raga's. I'd like a recommendation on a DAC as well - the grandchildren have their I-things that they would like to plug in when they visit. My budget is $500. Thanks!
I'd recommend any used or new NAD integrated amp with phono inputs that is in good condition. Or a brand new NAD c316BEE integrated with an outboard phono amp, maybe also a NAD, BEllari or something along those lines.
How about buying a used Marantz receiver in good condition and having it restored for 2-3 hundred dollars. For $100, the Pure I-20 is a good way to get music off of an ipod touch or iphone (though you'd need an adaptor for the iphone5.
Emotiva amps are new and receiving nothing but good reviews. You can buy them on their web sight - google for it.