Please recommend a high-powered SS amp

I'm on the lookout for a SS power amp that goes for $1000 or less (used) and puts out, say, 600W RMS into 8 ohms. Am I being unrealistic or do they exist?

I rally do not understand your approach at all.Not all power is the same.A 2l Hyundai is not the same as a 2 L Mercedes{I am talking about cars here,the same goes with hi-fi;I do not like the number game,neither should you IMHO].If you want the power to show off,why not look for class D amp,plenty of cheap power around.

tell us your set up,maybe what you need is a 6 watts of SET magic
NO, but check out Wyred4Sound amps
what speaker are you trying to drive and at what listening levels?
Here's a previous thread that discusses a lot of power for not a lot of money (new):
i you want something like that I would suggest 2nd hand pro audio gear like crown or maybe really old bryston gear etc.
Here's another recent relevant thread that may help you out:

I have had two and still have a Rotel RB-1090 and I highly recommend one. A little laid back but in a nice way and they can be had for around a grand. I did have the same problem with both though-the power switch tends to weld itself into the "on" position due to the massive current inrush when you turn it on. Not a problem if you leave it on all the time or use a preamp trigger or power conditioner for on/off duties.
Audiogoners, many thanks for your suggestions. I guess I should elaborate. And no, there's absolutely no show-off happening here. It's just that currently I'm driving my Proacs with an integrated SS Plinius 8200 MkII (175W rms/ch). Now beyond a certain point there will surely be clipping/distortion, which will be less at the same volume levels with a high powered amp. Doubling of RMS power takes the SPL up by 3 dB, so I gathered that a tripling would take it up by 9 dB, which is kind of a substantial perceptible difference. I want to be able to fill the room with high volume sound (at certain times) without the clipping/distortion, and I think higher powered amps may enable me to do that.
I'm surprised that you find the Plinius to be clipping. It's known to be a very gutsy amp. What Proac speakers are you using with it? Maybe the limitation lies there. If you want very high volumes, perhaps look into different types of speakers (such as horns).

If it's just a higher-powered amp you seek on a budget, I'd look into the old Carver Lightspeed amps.


Ah,now I get it .Certainly SET is out of question....

With Proac,I always find that Bryston[especially the 4bsst]give the best match.What you need is high current amp.....

Hope that help.
.....And try to control the resonance of your speakers and electronics with resonator-type feet like Finite-elemente/Harmonix tuning feet.You would be surprised at how wide and deep the soundstage suddenly becomes.

And lastly,I recommend looking at the speaker positioning..You would be amazed at how easy it is really,to fill up even large room once the speaker resonance is sorted out..

good luck

To get a 9db increase, you would need 8 time the power, and that is assuming the speaker itself does not begin to severely compress the signal (heating of the voice coil increases resistance) which it will do. The Proac speakers I have heard were quite efficient, so 175 watts would put them well into the point where speaker distortion, not the amp, would be a limitation.
Thanks again. First things first - they are Proac response 1SC monitors; I think theyre 87 dB efficiency. I usually do not play them at high volume levels, but there are days when I want to play some loud blues or rock and on some CDs I find I need to take the volume beyond 60% and that dont make the speakers sound too clear. Of course it could be the room too.

Fafafion could you elaborate on resonator-type feet; I have no idea what that is.

And dang! that was bad arithmetic. Thanks for the correction Larryi.
Way back when I had Proac monitors, too. I think that your speakers are becoming congested at higher volumes, rather than your amp clipping. Monitors speakers in general probably aren't your best choice if the goal is loud music. For that, look into horns, or at least decent-sized floorstanders.

That's my guess, anyway.


Check out finite elemente[from Germany]/harmonix tuning feet [from Japan] to see further insights on the wonder of resonance control of your speaker cabinets/equipments.

I suggest you get these first.I often wonder why people don't use them;the effects to me are more than changing power cords and interconnects.

It is funny to see than most people ,even at entry level ,would not use the stock power cord for their electronics.Yet,when it comes to speakers,even the most seasoned audiophiles would carry on listening to their speakers with the stock feet/spikes/platforms.Amazing!!!!

I suggest you try the Finite elemente cerapucs,since your sp are quite light.Do not upgrade your amp yet,try this first,you would be surprised at how good your speakers really are,and how much money you have wasted in the past on unnecessary upgrades....Don't forget to buy me dinner though..
Check out this pro audio line. For the money they sound embarrassingly good.

I recently tried harmonix spike bases 999 and the result is astounishing on my speakers + sub, more extended and controlled bass, more tonal details and soundstage and sweet highs
I am interested by your experience of these products and of finite elements which I did not try: how does it compare with the combak harmonix?