Please recommend a good 3 Ch amp for HT

What will be good 3 ch amp for HT to drive CC and Rears ? I'll
be using the amp to drive Monitor Audio 10i and Paradigm ADP-350's
with a Parasound AVC-2500. The speakers are rated upto 150W.
Some of the amps I'm thinking are Audio Refinement Multi-3,
Rotel 1066 bridged to 3ch, BK ST125.3. Any other amps I should
consider ?
Thanks a lot.
Hi - You should seriously consider this amp:
Frank Van Alstine's equipment is eminently musical & affordable. You just can't go wrong with any of the AVA equipment.
Good Luck,
You don't mention your budget, but assuming that you are willing to spend up to $1500, I suggest you consider the Bryston 5B-ST, which is rated at 3x120 wpc, but actually produces 3x150 wpc. As you can see from looking at my system listing, I am using the 5B-ST for my center channel and rear surrounds, and have been very pleased with it. The 5B-ST often sells used on A-gon in the $1300-1400 range.

If $1500 is too much, then consider the Adcom GFA-5503, which is rated at 3x200 wpc. I previously owned the 5503, and also bought one for my son's system, and for $600-700 (used) it's an excellent value.
Yes, it depends on your budget. Check out the Odyssey Stratos HT3. It is very good in stereo and HT applications.
I second the nomination for the Bryston and Adcom gear. With your speakers especially but in most situations I can see these amps being ideal for HT.
Thanks for all the recommendation. One thing I forgot to mention is that I probably have to stack 2 amps on top of each other and if I do then I've an issue. The HT amp can not be more than 6.5" higher otherwise I'll have ventilation issue. I've to think about rearranging my components.
My space for amps is about 13" and I've PS Audio HCA-2 for stereo which is about 5" high. I can put another amp on top of this as the amp does not get warm at all.

My budget is around $1500, more than that could be a diminishing return at this point. I'll check these amps.
But what else are my choices ? One choice is that I wait for PS Audio to release 3 ch version of HCA-2, that would be over my budget but if I have no other choice.
Carver AV753x. Now used only, (about $650.)
A great bang for the buck 3 channel amp would be the Anthem MCA 30 rated at 220 watts per channel(I suspect Anthem fudges their numbers and it's really more like 175). I paid 1,500.00 Canadian so I figure it shouldn't be more than 1,200.00 usd. Have a listen....good luck!