Please Recommend a Contact Cleaner Enhanser?

I need to clean a few of my audiophile goodies. Can anyone recommend a good contact cleaner (or even something that cleans and enhances) that is lets say in the $50ish or less price range ( I will go to $75ish if necessary). The things I am going to clean are:

1. The ends of my balanced Valhalla interconnect
2. The socket end of my harmonix power cables
3. (This is the one that could cause some discussion)
The ends of the fiber optic cables from my Philips to my DCC2
4. My Von Schweikert ribbon foil speaker cable ends

Thank you for your help.
Best combination I've found is to use is 92-97% isopropyl alcohol as a cleaner, followed by Walker Audio Extreme SST contact enhancer. If the contact is corroded, use Caig Deoxit followed by a thorough cleaning with isopropyl alcohol to eliminate the sonic residue left by Deoxit, then apply SST. (No suggestions to offer for the fiber optic cables, though.)
Thank you for the recomendation!
First clean with Craig Pro Gold or equivalent. Then get some Sil-Clear available from Maple Shade or VenHaus Audio. This stuff is incredible. It puts a coating of silver platelets on all the male ends of your audio, video and electrical connections. You won't believe the sonic difference it makes. On my system, it was on the order of a new component purchase! Great product!
I've only tried one; Xtreme Quick Silver and it has worked out well for me.

As for your optical cables I've tried IO Gel from Aural Symphonics with good results. I would check with the Meitner people first. One user here has said the IO Gel was a downgrade with the Meitner gear.
A possible suggestion for a cleaner for fiber optic cables, from a post by Albertporter in another thread:
The only other cleaner-polish that I feel is equal is ROR. ROR stands for residual oil remover and is designed for cameras and high quality optical products. NASA uses this and treating a high quality camera lenses will actually delivers MORE light to the film (or digital pickup).

Link to home page if you wish to learn more. I have been using this and Novis for many years and love both products. The neat thing about ROR is it removes all traces of previous treatment without harm.