Please Recommend a Cartridge for a Thorens TD-145

My TD-145 has the heavier massed TP16 tonearm. I was wondering what would be a good MM cartridge to mate with it? Would the Stanton 681EEE be a good one?

Thank you!
I get excellent tracking and decent sound with an Ortofon OM 30 Super (no longer inproduction) on my stock arm on my TD-166 MkII. I also have a second wand with a Denon DL-160 (also no longer in production). It doesn't track quite as well, but offers better detail resolution.
If you can get a 681EEE, that is the one to get. I ran it on my TD-150 with the TP 16 arm and it was great.
I have TD145 MKII with TP63 tonearm (removable armwand). I haven't used the Stanton cartridge, but I've used TD145 with Grado Gold and Audio Technica AT150mlx. Both worked very good and I think either will perform better than the Stanton.