Please recommend a $1500 SS or Hybrid integrated to pair with Silverline 17.5 monitors

I'm seeking more power in my system (Jolida 302B 50 watt tube integrated , Jolida JD100 tube cdp and Silverline 17.5 monitors) and have $1500 (used is OK) to spend on an integrated. I've got a Peachtree nova 150 on order and am wondering what other units I should consider that are tipped toward the warm side of neutral (non-fatiguing highs, better-than-lean mids). While I may, in the end, wind up staying with tubes, at this point I'm interested in exploring alternatives. I tried a 100 watt Margules ACRH-1.2 and liked it very much but it had a ground problem and I've heard from others who've had similar issues, so I'm looking for alternatives. I know Vincent makes a 50 watt hybrid but I suspect it won't rival the quickness and exciting dynamics I heard when the 100 watt Margules was in my system. I also tried a Parasound Halo but found it rather uninvolving. I guess the Rogue Sphinx might be worth a listen. Has anyone compared Sphinx and nova 150???
Used Krell KAV 300i or KAV 400i will rock your sliverlines.
I've used my Anthem 225 Integrated with Silverline Minuets and it sounded nice.

Different speaker, but I've been happy with the Anthem across the board. Plenty of power, sounds great- not a lot of bells and whistles.
czarivey; I see there are currently two used 400xi's for sale for $1400. What's the difference between 400i and 400xi ? 
I'd save up my pennies and buy a used PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP integrated.  Best of luck.
soix: unless I'm mistaken, that's a tube amp... no?
The Rega Elex-R is a wonderful ss integrated that would have plenty of power, is slightly on the warm side of neutral and a used one would fit into your budget.

Yeah Stuart you're correct.  I recommended it because it's got a bit more power and probably better dynamics than your Jolida and would preserve that slightly warm tube thing.  JA powered a pair of YG Carmel 2s with it with good success and they're a much tougher load than your Silverlines so thought it might work.  And honestly off the top of my head I couldn't think of a hybrid integrated to recommend that meets your needs, and I think the Sphinx may be a bit on the cool side for you unless you do some tube rolling.  Peachtree might be great but no experience with them.  Have you looked at Unico integrated amps?  Looks like they make a bunch of hybrids but again no direct experience with them.  Best of luck.
Musical Fidelity M3Si 
never heard of Unico. Will check them out. Rogue Pharaoh looks good but too expensive for me.

sense63-- yeah; I considered the Rega but the reviews I read described its midrange as "lean". Having owned Rotel and Creek integrates in the past and found them too bright, I'm somewhat reluctant to go back to a UK amp. 
gdhal; I know nothing about M. Fidelity. Will check into it. 
If you choose the Rogue Sphinx v.2 hybrid integrated, and assuming they still use the 2 output tubes used in the original Sphinx, change out those two tubes for Mullards CV 4003 tubes.  It is better tube than the Rogue "stock" tubes and more importantly will take off most of the edge  from the Hypex Class D amp they use in the power stage.  Good Luck 
sunnyjim; I wasn't aware there was an "edge" to the Sphinx-- none of the reviews I've read have referred to it, but I appreciate the heads up!   

I actually own the Elex-R and would never describe it's midrange or overall sonic signature as "lean" or bright.  That may be the case with the Elicit-R, but not the Elex-R.  I've also owned a couple of Creek integrateds in the past and agree with the assessment of more on the "bright" side.
sense63; thanks for your report on the Elex-R. I appreciate your feedback.