Please,reccomend "rock" cart. for under 1K

I am currentjy using Shelter 501mkII on Michell tt but not getting satisfaction listening to hard rock,funk or fusion.Shelter is a good cart but is not really suited for slamming dynamics.For example,drums in the intro to Money for Nothing sound lightweight and cardboardy.The same goes for PF "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" Should i go mm ,get a higher output cart?Is there a good cartridge that plays rock with all the bells and whistles for under 1k?Your reccomendations will be appreciated.
Check out the Dynavector 17D3 phono cartridge. I think that it will be my next cartridge.
How about a Sumiko Black Bird... I think it's a 2.5mv MC and under $1K. Although I've never heard one but, from reading the reviews, I think this would make an excellent "rock" cart.
What are you using for a phono preamp?
(I ask, because you might not have enough gain for the Shelter 501, which has a pretty low output, as I recall.)

As far as a recommendation, the Shelter 90X works great, (it has fantastic bass response!), and if you don't mind buying used, you can sometimes find one for really close to $1,000.00 (As a matter of fact, I just sold mine for $1,000 a couple of months ago.) FYI, the output of the 90X is greater than the 501, so it is easier to drive.

Good luck!
I know it might sound like hyperbole by now, but Zyx cartridges are extremely dynamic, especially in the bass. In this regard, it is leaps beyond anything I've ever had.
I second the Dynavector 17D III. Recently installed it on my Lenco/Rega and it is excellent throughout the the freqs. Beware that it is a tad finnicky to set up. The "cantilever" is unusually short and part of the stylus itself. It barely clears the surface of the LP so VTA is critical.
I have had very good results with the Deonon 103 and they are cheap.
Shelters are good rock and roll cartridges.

Even their top models do not offer the delicacy, finesse, and sophistication of the better moving coils but they do rock and roll quite well.
A Decca Super Gold, about $1,100.00. Big Fat P-R-A-T. Amazing extended mid and low bass. Drums and cymbals sound extremely life-like. Huge 3-D soundstage. Digs deep into the grooves uncovering detail you didn't know was there. It will get your pulse racing.It loves UK rock pressings. Has a very very high output, 5mV. I had to have the output changed(lowered) in my Audio Research Phono Pre to accommodate this puppy, but it was well worth it. It rocks yet does all the other music as well.
Whatever you get do, take your time and do your research. Google and lurk the forums. There are always less expensive options such as MM's.
I have used the 17D3 (what i am using currently) as well as the DL103R and plain DL103...I would suggest that for rock n' roll the 103R may be right up your alley - it has great presence and dynamics. it will also allow you to save a few bucks for more LP's!
I must add that the Dynavector is quite hard to beat at its' price point, and fits for all types of music.
I had a couple of Benz Gliders a few years back, one a mid output, the other low output. Both rocked well on Zep Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult etc, but I had them tracking at max VTF. My current favorite is Lyra and they make the Dorian that fits your price range.
What arm are you using with the Shelter?
An alternative to the Dyna 17D3 is the 20XL, which is a real bargain at its price.
Denon 103
I am using RB 600.
What are you using for a phono pre?
Another vote for the Dynavector 17D3.
Rega with a Audio Technica OC150 rocks.
I wonder if you can do the TWL mod on that arm? I would also be curious what would happen with a little extra weight above the cartridge would do.
Pentagon phono stage
Military issue?

The TWL mod will work on the B600. I don't think it needs the extra mass on the cart, but you could try it.

I was thinking the extra weight might help decide if it is the cartridge or phono stage. It would be ashame to spend money in the wrong direction. ;-)
I think Kurt tank already asked this question... Does your phono stage have enough gain to handle your .4mv cart? if not, then go with the MM or the higher output MC.
These are the only specs i have (actually these are switches for loading carts)
MC-47 kOhms/100 Ohms/1 kOhm
MM-47 pf/150 pf/330 pf
They also have switches for Low,Medium and High
Loading your cart at 100 Ohms is recomended according to the Music Diret catalog. Now, try playing around with the switches starting with the Low then select the one that sounds best to you. I think you will like the Low or the Medium, since you cart is closer to low output.
good luck.
Dear Overhang: I read some of your old posts ( two years ago ) and after those early problems and after 100 hours on that cartridge you was satisfied with its quality performance, what happen since then? do you make " heavy " changes to your analog audio chain system?

If not, IMHO the problem of the today poor cartridge performance could be in the today cartridge suspension condition, this could be part of the problem.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Back then i had bossa/jazz stage and it went just fine with the Shelter but every time i turn to hard rock LPs,i feel dissatisfied.