Please reccomend a good sub cable

Good Day,

I am looking for a good quality sub cable for my system. I have Classe pre amp and amps, and I have a REL Stadium Sub. I am getting some noise through the speakon connector they provide, and was wondering if any one new of tweaks for that connector, or if some one could reccomend a nice quality rca type sub connector. I feel this is the last of the upgrades that I need to make, and am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance for your time and advice.
Audience carries 3 lines of ics that all adhere to the same design technologies at removing much grain, glare, and especially time smear.

Their flagship Au24 cable may be perhaps the best value for the price and some to many have suggested that the Au24 ics and speaker cables are superior in sonics to the supposedly highly acclaimed and much more expensive Nordost Valhallas.

I no longer own a sub, but when I first purchased the Au24 speaker cables for my full-range speakers, the bass became so overwhelmingly tight and well-defined But the sub-woofer now sounded sluggish and dis-continuous with the bass from the speakers.

Audience suggested I audition their more inexpensive Conductor series ics for the sub since all their cables carry the same technology. I did as they suggested and the subwoofer's bass synced right up with the full-range speakers acting in unison.

I would imagine that their Au24 ics may perhaps provide even greater benefit for the subwoofer.

The Audience dealers typically will provide a 30 or even a 60 auditionary time period upon request.

-IMO tell Don that Steve recommended you and he'll give you his web discount.
I'm using a Rel Storm III sub and I found something interesting when auditioning sub cables. I was using a cheap ultralink rca cable and tried a cable from xlo ($100) and 2 cables from synergistic research ($300 and $500). No difference whatsoever. Could not tell them apart. So I tried the cables that come with most components (you know those red/yellow/white ones that are about 2mm thick). There was only a very slight degradation in sound! The Rel may be cable-proof, at least via interconnect. Both XLO and SR make a neutrik connector for Rel, and I'll be auditioning those in the next couple of months. No idea if there will be a difference. I started a thread titled 'Strange Rel subwoofer cable phenomenon' recently. There were some informative responses. Check it out. -Dave