Please read and help me

I have a decision to make and I don't know where to start. I have been through several upgrades in my system and they were not always the right choice. I recently changed preamps and did not like my choice at all.
My system: Rogue magnum M120 mono's, Proac Studio 250 speakers. Vpi HW19jr TT w/ grado Reference sonata Cartridge. And Graham Slee Era gold phono stage. I just recently tried the Blue Circle BC3 pre and I didn't like it at all. I gave it 1 month and just couldn't take it. Some music it was the best I ever heard and others it was not comparable to my previous Rogue magnum 99 it replaced.
Well, I have sold the BC3. Now my wife has asked me a favor. She said if I take the money that I got from the sale of the BC3 and use it to pay are slip fee at the lake, in the fall I could buy any preamp I want. Of course I am jumping on this chance because I will be spending most of my free time on the boat anyways this summer.
Now my problem. I am looking for a cheap pre to get me through to the fall. $500 - $700.
I have looked at several choices. CJ pv series products. I see a AE-1 going cheap, and some ARC sp and sl series products. I want the sound a tad laid back. I listen to a lot of 70's rock, and with the BC3 it was just not a pretty sight. I want a lush sound and not overly bright. Can any of you experts help me make a choice here?
Adcom GFP 750. One gain stage. You can choose active or passive mode. About $700.00 here on Audiogon used.
The only warning is the RCAs are too close for big barrelled cables like Transparent, Ixos Ixotica...
If you're using balanced cables, not an issue.
You can sell within a year for what you paid.
Check out a Classe CP-35 (line stage's also
available with phono stage which obviously you don't need).
Absolutely fabulous SS line stage for about 1/2 the price of
the Adcom mentioned above. Should be able to find it in
the $400 - $450 used range, with the phono variant in the
$450 - $500 range.
Quicksilver's Linestage is also an excellent (tubed) pre and can be had on the used market for around $550-650. I'm currently using a prototype built by Dan Wright (Modwright) in my home system that uses two 5687 tubes and is downright wonderful in my system (Quicksilver MiniMites and Soliloquy 5.3's). I don't know if Dan is still selling any of the prototypes as he was getting ready to go into production with the design last time I communicated with him, but if he still has any of the prototypes they'd be an excellent choice IMO and an absolute bargain with the deal he was offering on the prototypes (his projected price for the production unit was around $1200.00 as I recall). For a bit more money I also like Cary's SLP-50A, and I've seen them occasionally going for bargain prices.

I'm no expert, but maybe consider Counterpoint SA-3000. I don't know about the phono stage because I own the non-phono version, SA-2000. But I must state that it is a very pleasant, fullish, non-bright, "natural" sounding preamp.
Although not as elegant looking as the other suggestions, I'd strongly suggest you look into a Bottlehead Foreplay and a Seduction phono stage. You could get them both within your budget.
If you want laid back, I really don't recommend the CJ or ARC. How about classe, threshold or sumo for trouble free solid state? For tubed, I agree with the suggestions above, quicksilver or counterpoint.
i would reccomend you get a mcintosh preamp,there are many that are in your price range & the best thing is when you decide on which pre will be next the mcintosh will sell like lightning,mac sounds great & the resale value holds its ground like no other.
Quad 99

A pre with phono and full funtion remote

very neutral and amazing for the money, about $650 used

I have owned the Rogue 99 Magnum before and was not as happy with that (different) system as I am now.

All the best

If you are looking for a tube preamp I would second the suggestion for the Quicksilver Line stage. Go for the 12AX7 (non-remote) version, as Mike Sanders at Quicksilver will tell you it is the best sounding preamp he has to offer. It uses one 12AX7 per channel, thus for a few extra bucks you can drop some good NOS tubes in and have a great pre. I have seen them used for about $600. Good luck.
That Adcom 750 will NOT be lush and laid back. I have the "real" AlephP version, and "linear and transparent" is its raison d'etre. You need something much warmer for all that 70s dirty top octaves stuff.
Thanks for all of the advise. I did some searching on audioassylu and came up with what I wanted to try. Maybe another mistake, I don't know.
It reads to have the qualities I am looking for and I think it is a very nice looking piece. I went with the AES/AE-1.
I will see if this will hold me over until fall. Any opinions on this piece?