please rate B&W 604 S2

I can only afford entry level hi-end equipment. I have a set of B&W 602's for rears and am looking at the B&W 604 S2 for the front. My dealer doesn't carry them but will order for me of course. I can't afford the Nautilus series yet so those of you who know, care to give me feedback? joe
Joe -- although the 604 is a great speaker for the money, for a few dollars more you can get the CDM7, which is a truly wonderful speaker. If you get the new NT version, it sounds remarkably close to the Nautilus. See if your dealer has any to listen to, and if the budget just won't stretch (about $400 more than 604's) try to find some used ones. The older (SE version) is also very good, and can be had much cheaper. And, since you are still in the B&W family, your 602's will be a great match as rears. I work at a B&W dealer, and we hardly ever sell the 604 because the CDM's are so much better. Good luck and happy listening!!
If you like B&Ws and used is OK, skip the CDM series which are very fine by the way and look for a pair of B&W P6 or P5. I cannot understand why B&W stopped making these other than the CDM are at the same price point other than they probably make more money on the CDM because the P series are a lot better quality. There was a pair of P5s for sale on audioweb last time I looked. They will sell between $650 to $850 used. For $1000 to $1200 or so you could also get a pair of Matrix 804s.