Please, please help

I have my speakers biwired using quality shotgun cables. My system was not sounding very good which is typical but sometimes sounds wonderful. Tonight I was checking my connections and accidentally pulled a set of the banana terminals from the speakers. No change in the sound at all. What is going on? The shorting straps on the speakers have been removed. These are quality McIntosh sl6 speakers and anthem pre/pro and amp. Please, please help.
It sounds as if the bi-wire terminals are just there for looks from what you've stated. While you did not mention what set of cables that you knocked out of the speakers, you should have either lost all the highs or lows when they came loose. If absolutely nothing has changed, Mcintosh has either got some explaining to do regarding their speaker design or you've been running with some non-functioning drivers all along. Sean
I would try swapping in a replacement cable, just to make sure you haven't been dealing with cable problems
Did you buy the speakers new? Reason I ask is that it is very easy on many speakers to remove the binding post panel and swap the internal wires going to the posts such that the all feed off of a single set of binding posts. This is done to get the metal strap out of the picture when running a single wire, and running this way can sound better then running bi-wired as well, at least it did for a set of Energy speakers I used to own. Pop the panel off for a look-see if you're sure all the drivers are working, you may even have a wire loose, or as mentioned, a dead driver....