Please one last request...

I am just about to buy a brand new Mephisto II (transport version) to replaced my beloved old Teac P2. I know that I have founded some good report on the internet about the magical sound and some bad about the tracking...
Those of you who had problem, tell me about the service good or bad, slow or fast.
I would like also to hear from you who dont (didn't) have any problem with the machine.
Now, is there also someone of you who had the chance to compared it beside my second choice the CEC TL1X. I also red somewhere someone who did compare them and choising the Mephisto II, but I would like to hear more from you, private owner.
There is also the Muse model 8 that took my interest, but really not shure about this one (too many for sale on Agon).
Anyway thank for your time and appreciation bad or good. I just dont want to do a big $$$ mistake, 4500$ USD is a lot of money for us poor canadian.

Thank again
The Muse Model Eight is IMHO, the best of the bunch. Never had a problem in my two+ years of use with a Model 296 DAC.

I have had the mephisto II transport for 2 years and used it a lot. i have had no problems whatsoever but am very careful with the machine. I cannot comment on service but audiomeca has a new rep in NA and I understand he is very good. I have contacted m. lurne on a number of occasions and he has been very helpful though as of late has been a bit slow to respond as he is very busy with the new series. He does however always respond and is very pleasant. With regards to the machine, I love it. It comes very close to my turntable in its presentation. I suspect from you note that you are buying a new unit (IIX) which is supposed to be more durable and has improved display. I can't make a lot of comments on it otherwise. I too live in Canada and if you have any questions don't hesitate to drop me a note. I also have the ekianthus dac and love it too. Take care