Please name this speaker cable!

Hi everybody,

I traded some gear and ended up with these cables. Can you please tell me the brand and name?

(pics on my system page)

Here is what I know:

They are several years old.

Two positive and two negative solid core wires in each cable.

No markings that I can see.

I’d like to learn more about them if possible.

Thank you!

Looks like a DIY speaker cable to me.
Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it!

I sure do like the sound, maybe somebody will recognize them.

Thanks again,


*** What does POC mean?
People of color is what it means, Jerry rigged is also a way of saying it. 
Pretty sure people if color have nothing to do with this.  More likely means piece/pile of (c)rap.
Glad you like the sound.  It has nothing to do with with the cables.
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Thanks for the help! I’ll check the CV series out.

Really appreciate you all taking the time. I received an email from Audioquest today, they are going to show some of the team and see if anybody knows what it is.

Kind regards,
LoL at Cal18... people of color?  Wuuuut?  Poc is piece of crap dude. Too funny
Ha, yep I got it! I guess I was surprised, I’m oblivious to insults usually!

Why would somebody call some part of a person’s gear a piece of crap?

It’s all good. I’m a pretty fortunate cat, even if my cable is a POC!
Oh, and it’s (POC) Audioquest cable, a version of Type Ii from several years back, according to Audioquest. I appreciate them helping out with it, nice folks!

I really thought I had hit pay dirt with it. The plan was to sell it online and use the money to fortify my 401k and fund part of my older son’s wedding. The rest (if any was left) was going toward a preowned, blue face, two-tone submariner.

Alas, some things are not meant to be.
LOL! Understand.
Sorry you got some negative comments.
I'm diggin the Submariner wish...
I've got a black/stainless vintage Sub from 1979.