Please Make Audiogon Cool

I think that there are a lot of experienced and interesting people on this site. Some in retail, some in manufacturing, and probably some really cool artists, scientists and engineers of all sorts of backgrounds.

I want to encourage those of you with something to say, a point of view, a helpful idea to post.

Without this type of interaction, Audiogon becomes just a shopping support group. If you care about the Audiogon community and would like to see it go in a particular direction, then please contribute in the way you feel most comfortable and engaging.


Good day Timothy,

So I see; you're the best! 
Of the crumbs left back mid-west.
Your people all flocked here
Thought they'd act as their career.
Blowing money on tickets; go see Carlos Santana;
Hollywood Bowl population: more than Indiana.
Now we're stuck with your lames,
Constantly asking, "Spare change?"
So you're calling me 'Hollywood cool'?
Naw fu*k that! North Hollywood, foo!
I'll tell you this first so listen to me
I don't eat cupcakes, unless they're gluten-free
Wash it down with a smoothie, blended fruit, acai! 
Self-proclaimed 'Cool' like you stock it in excess
No wait, you do that for work: stock room, Parts-Express!

Tell Cleveland that they can have Drew Carey back, soon as he pays off all his debt. 

Hope you have a wonderful fall afternoon!
Hello Evan,

   I hope you can stay cupcake cool with all those fires in SoCal.
  Judging from your last post, however, I believe your pants are likely on fire.

  Love you but please douse those pants,
Hi Timmy,

Pants have thoroughly been doused, thank you. 
Cupcake Cool sustained, just a little crispy on the top. Nothing a little extra frosting can’t cover up. 
Thank you dear, luckily I’m in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, away from the hillsides. But the smoke has been awful this past month. 
Cheers pal,
Audiocase LA