Please 'Life up my Room '

I would like to get an expert opinion on this matter.
Would Noise-Reduction batts inserted inside plaster walls have an effect on sound quality in the room itself?
Let me explain, my room is 4 x 6 meters with 9 ft ceiling. Three sides with walls and one side with window (4m). I have put noise reduction batts inside all the walls. My problem with this room is that it is not alive! Not much ambience and excitement. There is muddiness in the mid Bass. Overall, Hi-end sounded like Mid-fi!
Is that to do with those Noise-Reduction batts or just the ratio or the room itself?
Please, I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks very much.
Luna, Relax , this challenge can be over-come. I recommend reading a by Jim Smith ,"Get Better Sound" that can only be purchased via the internet. The whole thrust of Smith's work is to create as good a sound as possible out of any room. Smith treats the room as a component not just 4 walls. This guy knows what he is doing. The cost is about $50 to your door & comes with a 90 day return policy. And, Jim publishes a net newsletter that is free to his readers. Just relax, read. Before you know it you will have the answers to resolve the challenge. Jim has won more best sound for a room at the C.E.S. than any other person. All the best. Charlie
Hi Luna,

The batts inside the walls are good. The muddiness in the mid-bass can be cleared up with a product like ASC tube traps (I am a dealer) or other brand bass traps.

Jim Smith's book is a good read, even for knowledgable audiophiles.

Liveliness in the room can be a number of things. First thing I would assess is are there any very absorptive materials in the room that may be contributing to lack of livliness?

good luck, hope that helps
Thanks the for responds, I will search for this book. As with the batts, I have a same sized room before with heeps of air and the only different were the batts! I am having very good imagings but the music is liveless! I tried mirrors and other reflextive things. They created brightness but not air and ambience that I wanted.
To add a bit more,
I have carpets on concrete floor. On the front wall, there is a 90 cm movie screen and I put wooden blinds over it when I listen to music. My equipments are on the floor. I have a big window at back wall, book selves at the back and left hand side and door to the right.
Everyone who comes to listen says the sound character is opposite to a normal room. Good imaging. Expect the mid bass muddiness, music is too clean with little air and ambience! The sound seems to cut off very soon! I used Thiels but they never sounded bright! I have a similar room before with lots of air. The only different was the raised up wooden floors.