Please, learn from my mistakes

posted substantial same, but wanted to throw in my Millenium II EVS, Perpetual experience too, started as followup to why I sold my EMC!. Lately I have been auditioning the Perpetual (slightly hard at key sax & trumpet climaxes) the Millenium II MSB, OK but mine is recessed and send instruments back too far in perspective, need more layering and kick butt, what Brits call "PACE", Birdland Odeon was a nonstarter. Period. The EVS is going back to the factory...enuf said on that. Since I spent a ton of money, made a little of it back thanks to Audiogon, but not all by any stretch of the imagination in my odyssey from 20 years ago with CAL Aria ($2500 back then!) through 30 or so digital components...everything except Wadia. Full disclosure: My friend is one of NYs largest dealers and I get about,generally speaking 40% or so off, depending. He will get me brands (Odeon) he doesn't sell by hitting on his retail friends around the country. He gets payback from me by having me write or discuss on phone what I hear and can help him make decision whether or not to carry a new line. End of full disclosure.
 On to the EMC!, Big mistake, I waited and waited for the digititis to disappear. I posted at different sites and found others who had same problem. We eventually all sold them and regretted the loss of money. BTW, the fit and finish is not good, the blue light on front (no switch like Meridian) cannot be turned off. Tacky VERY BRIGHT and experienced companies know it interferes with sonics. Lost a lot of money. No one with a good system would like this, if you have a soft, rolled off and undynamic system, maybe it's passable. Otherwise, believe me, if you have revealing high end equipment you will be sorry. BTW, the original Stereophile advert had two separate power cords, the release model one. One of the worst aspects is the fit and finish, pebble grain spatter paint job on steel...the latter adds the weight to the machine. Compare to the Meridian and BAT in the same price range for quality control and fit and finish. To tell the truth, sorry Muse/Resolution--two other 24/96 chip sets from DVD technology (hey, I talked to the guys on the phone and they told me!) are just as bad. This is not upsampling though the adverts are deceptive on this matter. It's just the same old DVD chip set on my Toshiba DVD...and sounds like it. I had a friend who had that chip put into his Cal Alpha "upgrade"--many threads of disappoint can be found on the web on this botched update. Everyone seemed to want their old Alpha back,reverse engineering, the bloom was gone from the rose. I would generally stay away from the whole 24/96 fiasco. It came too soon,players (BAT< Meridian, and ARC CD2) were reaching their heights of sonic excellence and we took a step backward. The Sony ES9000 the latest bummer, Audioasylum can be searched for reports. Burn in more the advocates say, but how long....forever? They just don't sound right. After 3 months continuous playing I sold the Sony (my third after a late model ES7 series (not as good as earlier ES series, and the 777, also "needing more burnin) and the EMC 1. 2nd tier of good used redbook include anything by Linn and Naim. 3rd tier would be the Arcams and the Regas. Seems the price point retail for a great little redbook was about 4-5 thousand--anything Brit and throw in BAT & ARC at this price and you've got a winner. Surprisingly, the most dynamic of all (read HiFi New, What HIFi or Stereophile) is the little Meridian. Surprisingly detailed (5 stars in Brit mags with special mention for its detailing) yet oddly in US (Stereophile, Planet, etc) it is seen as warm and detailed. Just a winner. A keeper for used $2500 with large remote. Absolutely no digital artifacts. Period. Even beats the wonderful BAT on that. BAT is my second favorite. Best is the expensive Linn. I should thow in that a couple times I was tempted to the Sim, but the customer relations guy in Canada (good, honest guy) told me to wait for this later iteration. Just came out. They were trying to cure some digital nasties, with guess what,24/96 chip sets on earlier models. BTW, thier fascia (faceplate changes) toned down the garish look. I think these guys will make a great player in time.

If you have a great system, try some of the 90s redbooks, maybe the apex of regular CD playback. There is a great article, and I'll try to find it (should have saved it and have mentioned it in earlier posts) by a pro (Steve Hoffman? Best CD remastering guru...who has gone back to old audio tube equipment by and large) and the point of his observations on redbook is that he took out an over 10 year old Wadia (the 17?) from his closet and plugged it in and blew away his new megabuck digital playback. Go figure. I heard a CAL Delta with their cheapest DAC (about 450) from years ago with a brand new all Quad tube system with their taller speakers...sublime! Again, go figure. The good news for us, old can be better. There was, oxymoron?, a golden age for digital playback and it isn't now. Buy used, buy old, try first, but don't be surprised or embarassed at it's vintage, it's the sound that counts.
Paul Seydor in the new absolute sound agrees 100% with you. Called the 508 "perfect".
Great post, thanks.
Make it four. I did the same damn thing. Got caught up in the upgrade dilemma sold my Meridian on Audiogon, got a low price dammit and spent two years going through digital like nobodies business throwing good money after bad and finally bit the bullet and ended up with what I began. A Meridian. I burned through a MSB with extra upgrades, two Linns, a Naim, a Muse and finally back home. What a waste of money and time. My wife wants to kill me cause she told me in the beginning not to sell the Meridian and caught sight of the bills on my Visa for two years. I coulda had a PT Cruiser, well, almost, for the money or if time was money then I definitely coulda had a PT for two years wasted.
Hi Bostonorgane,

Thanks for your informative post! Is the Meridian 508.20 still available new or is it only now 508.24?

Maybe you should stop wasting our time with your multiple anti EMC1 post with the multiple BOGUS email accounts. Your obviously a shill for Meridian. SHUT UP

Stop bashing the best CDP for the money. Your posts belong at Audioreview.
The 508 perfect? Fraid I didn't notice that when I had one.
for those interested, has a brand-gnu emc-1 f/s @ $1999...
Celery, sorry - but guys like you should be banned out of here!
I always thought your country is a free country with freedom of speech - e-mail it is.
I really would appreciate not to see arrogant and aggressive threads like yours to nice peoples' input here on AudiogoN, Got me? Thanks.
This country is about free speech. That is why people like you are allowed to respond back with such innapropriate statements like "sorry - but guys like you should be banned out of here! " without doing any type of research on what has been going on in multiple threads lately in regards to EMC1. Their have been several BOGUS email posters who are not members of Audigon but have posted nearly the same thing in regards to how bad the EMC1 is in over 4 threads in the last week alone. Anyone could detect a pattern quite easily and see that an agenda is on display.
"I really would appreciate not to see Arrogant and aggressive threads like yours to nice peoples' input here on Audiogon, Got me? Thanks" Totally unnecessary. Please view the thread "Smear Campaign" in the digital section and you will understand that this was a thread started by the same idiot hiding behind a fake email address. This is a free country but slander is still illegal. I look forward to your apology. Got me? Thanks
Just want to add my support to you Celery. Audiogon has been infiltrated by rats before - remember Sistrum? - and Celery has most likely found another.

This all makes me want to try the Electro EMC 1 to find out what they are so afraid of - it must be real good.
Celery, you didn't convince me about being wrong with my statement. I don't care what has been before! Nobody can know all threads' history. What I see here and mow is a nice thread, in nice words - and you bombing it with agressive an totally inapropriate words. Why don't you just discuss the content of the thread?? Why do you have to attack the guy - and not with arguments it is! "Shut up" never was an argument nor will it ever be.
I just hate the way people react in a field like high end which should be fun for all of us - no matter what the individual is posting as long as it is not offending. Your reaction, however, WAS offending - not me but the style of speech I find in here in Audiogon and which I do like.
I will be happy to apologize as soon as you will admit that you atarted the agressive approach.
Play it cool!
Aida & Celery: The initial thread is based on Hogwash. You are both basically right as the "right" to both support and deny such Hogwash is a given. Wouldn't you rather agree or disagree or share thoughts about something that is not total Hogwash? We are talking music reproduction here and sometimes the Bill of Rights just has to take a backseat.
Thanks Dekay! I completely agree with you! Lets go back to the stuff which is our hobby - but let's talk in a peaceful way - or as McIntosh coins it for the wonderful MC 2000: there's already enough distortion in your life! Maybe - since I own that gem I am more sensitive to agressive atmospheres.
Thanks again!
Sorry, Im going to disagree. I've always had problems with digititis whatever machine I used. then I read this fantastic magazine, which talked about a dedicated mains supply. Solved the digital problem right there. If I go back to the ordinary mains, with all its rf problems, the digititis comes back on my cary 303. Also I find a really heavy ply rack works well, and keeping the rf out of the power cord and the speaker cable. The cary 24/96 is very detailed, and picks up any interference from the mains. So the moral is look upstream to correct the problem. And check you've got a good earth! mine was a mess.