please help with tube amp thks

thinkin' on two amps,Music Reference RM-10 or a Morrow Audio 300B1.any help thks as i am a newby.
We need to know what speakers you'll be using. Any 300B-based amp will need a pretty friendly speaker for it to be a pleasing combination. The RM10 comes from a renowned designer, and might be better with more speakers. However, it squeezes 35w out of a tube type not frequently(although occasionally) used as an output tube.
My recommendation to a tubey-newby would be to try something based on KT88 or EL34. More common, plenty to choose from, and more flexibility in usage. Of course I'm painting with a broad brush, but I think it would be a safer bet for you. If you share your system, preferences & budget, you'll get plenty of suggestions. Cheers,
thks Sbank,i have a SF CD1 with their Line2 and will be going with an open baffle speaker.maybe a sub on each side.the 300B1 sounds like it's full of good parts but does it play????thks for any help as i really need some good it once kinda thing!!!!
the 300b does play, but you will need an efficient speaker 90dB minimum. Great for folk, jazz, bluegrass, vocal, not for rock in most cases.
ok then,thks Swampwalker,rock is my main listen.female vocals and some easy stuff.what is a good tube amp for this???? thks
the mr10 is one of audio's great tube amps.....the benefits of tubes, but also powerful enough to work with a wide variety of great loudspeakers(old and new).
If you are thinking open baffle with subs like the Prometheus MKII from Bastanis, or PHY 30, these speakers are very efficient (100 db), IMO the 300B is an excellent choice, or other SET amps(2A3,45,PX25). I've heard the Bastanis Prometheus MKIIs powered by 300Bs(DIYHIFI Ladyday) and PX25s(ART Audio) and with powered subs and 100db efficiency, these will rock.
2Big, I think Swampwalker was being gentle with you. You really have to be careful with matching speakers with a 300B. If you end up with 7 watts of heaven per channel, it will sound thin and lame if you have 90db speakers and a pair of passive subs. However, powered subs run off line level between the amp and pre-amp will reduce the strain to the amp and give it more reserves.

Keep in mind that even if you listen quietly, dynamic peaks will drain an amp quickly and it will usually respond with distortion or flat sound for the next couple of notes.....

Take Sbank's advice, start with an EL34 based amp like a Jolida or sonic frontiers.
If you what something to really rock, I would not go 300b, for sure. Active subs help if you roll off the lows bepfre the amp, as Elevick says, but still you would need very efficient speakers to get what you want with 300b amps (unless you go with some of the higher powered very expensive amps like the VAC that use more than 1 300b per channel). If you are just starting out you might try one of the less expensive Chinese amps like the Jolida or Prima Luna.
thks all,i was going to run a single out board speaker to start and see how that sounded.if a sub per channel was needed,add two active subs as i love real bass.the Bastanis speakers look very interesting and i have talked with Bill Allen about them.what concerns me is what Swamp said,a small tube will not do rock music.the RM-10 is 35 watts for 2k,the 300 is small watts,with high grade parts for 3k.both amps are highly old SF-2 would work good but 1000 dollars in tubes at cycle end scares me off.
Contact me and I would be glad to discuss your system and speakers to see if they would work with my products. If not I will help steer you in the right direction. We do have a demo pair for sale at this time if you find they will work for you...
TAD-60. Read the reviews. I have them going through vandersteen 2CE Sigs. Low efficiency but, 60 watts per channel. They have a new model with smaller transformers that puts out 40 if you don't need the 60.