Please help with the cable burner

I bought this cable burner, plugged into the power and it run but do not know how to attach the cables into and how long it takes for burning.

Could you please share your comments about how to use it. I, of course, am responsible for the usage myself.

Link of the burner:

Thank you very much.
Who's to say that cable burners don't hasten the burn-in process as advertised? On the other hand, there's probably no guarantee that such a device won't damage the cable. For those in a hurry you can always plug the cable into an air conditioner for a few days and avoid the risk.
To answer the poster, the time it takes for burning is the time that you believe. If you expect great results in a minute you will hear them. If you expect them in an hour you will hear them. If you feel it will take ten days it will take 10 days. These types of devices and accessories that proliferate do so because of expectations: the power of suggestion and the placebo effect.

Are there differences in cables? Absolutely. Are there differences due to break in? How could there be? The signal is an AC signal....that means no "direction of flow", electrons buzz back and forth in their orbits around the nuclei, with no net positive charge, no net negative charge. So no "forming" of dielectric is possible.

Expectations. Filtering them out, keeping them from affecting comparisons, can be very difficult.
Do you doubt that cables (or any component) generally sound better after they have been used? The phenomenon of break in is well-accepted by the audiophile community. If you don't hear any difference, that's just your personal experience.
Spyders of drivers break in with repeated movement. Surrounds do also. You can hear both.

Running signal does not change cables. They do not break in. If you have good ears you would be able to tell a broken-in woofer from a non-broken in if you were blindfolded. You would never be able to identify the broken in cables. Different design cables, sure, some are so easily identified many of us could do it very reliably blindfolded. Broken in cables, you are kidding yourself, and you likely don't want to test that to have to admit that. Funny, members of the the audiophile community consider it "making their bones" to say they hear differences, even if they are not there. Every notice, nobody dares say "I heard no difference" when others in the room say they do.