Please help with old Yamaha table

I recently hooked up a hand-me-down Yamaha YP-D71 turntable from the early 80's. It's in mint condition and has a Signet 7LCa cartridge.
It sounds nice but a little thin. Would it be worth spending $200 on a better cartridge or is this table not worth upgrading?
I love the idea of exploring new music through vinyl via yardsales, swap shop, etc., but also would like better sound.
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You might have better luck asking at, where there are a number of vintage Yamaha enthusiasts. One of them just recently sold 2 refurbished YP-D71s (merrylander), so he might be able to help you.

I have a YP-D8 myself and think it's great. It replaced a Thorens TD-320, which I also thought was great (but wanted the speed stability of DD).

The Signet cart may not be as "mint" as the table. You might want to try picking up an Audio Technica AT-440mla, which can be had online for about $90 shipped, and see if things sound better.

If you're new to vinyl, finding someone local to help mount and align the cart, and adjust VTA, might be a good idea. But there are lots of threads, here and on audioasylum, that walk you through it.

Good luck.