Please help with my whole-house audio

installation. I recently puchased two Elan Z660 amps for my whole-house audio installation. However, I'm having problems finalizing my speaker selection. I'm limited in that 2 pairs must be in-ceiling; one pair must be in-wall and the final two pairs must be outside loudspeakers. (please don't laugh...spouse won this argument, but I want the best sound possible).

I was all set on purchasing Paradigm AMS 150s after listening to them the other day with a couple of my favorite CDs. However, my local dealer does not carry any other in-ceiling speaker brand so I was unable to compare the Paradigms to another brand. Feeling a bit uneasy, I began to research in-wall and in-ceiling speakers using the internet. The more I read wonderful sites such as this one, the more I'm thinking about purchasing in-ceiling/in-wall speakers from a company that specializes in architectural speakers e.g., Sonance, Speakercraft, etc. To add even more to my confusion, I just found out that PSB (I currently own a paid of floor standing speakers and enjoy them to an extent) makes an adjustable in-ceiling speaker.

I'm struggling with buying a "known" brand versus a niche brand. I'm afraid a Paradigm, Klipsch or even PSB may only make an in-ceiling speaker to satisfy consumer demand in the ever growing whole-house installation market. On the other hand, are these niche/specialized companies any good? Who knows?

What should I do? Can any of you recommend a solid (good bass) in-ceiling and in-wall speaker? What about outdoor speakers?

I truly would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.
IMHO, I have whole house audio as well, and with respect to "...the best sound quality..." compared say to even a modest two-channel set up in a dedicated room is looking for something that doesn't exist. Whole house audio is about background music, not serious listening especially with regard to outdoor speakers. What kind of audio can be attained outdoors with infinite baffles?

I spent a reasonable amount of money ranging from $100 to no more than $150 per pair for in walls from Niles, B&W and lastly Nutone (yeah, Nutone). I found that speakers with adjuastble tweaters make the biggest difference in that you can point the highs down to where most people are standing/sitting from high mounted or way off to the side positions. I also bought the largest mid/woofer that would fit in the space.

Hope this helps...
Rap: Thanx for your response. Are you implying that it's not worth spending alot of money on expense in-ceiling speakers? I'm not looking for great sounding in-ceiling speakers, not nirvana.
The use of in wall or ceiling is dictated by the application and what will fit. And, I'm stating that IMO it's not worth spending "a lot" of money on in-wall/ceiling speakers because I think that the envirnoment and mounting location compared to listening position(s) precludes good (audiophile) quality sound not to mention the inherent limitation in speakers such as these. Also, the usage (background/party/entertaining) isn't conducive for serious listening anyhow - at least that's how I use whole house audio. So, I didn't buy the cheapest stuff out there but I didn't spend a fortune either.

Have a look at what Worthington Distributors has to offer as an example.