Please help with my digital chain

I have a Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 CD transport and a North Star Model 192 DAC. In between I have a Monarchy DIP Mk II. I would like help with a question.
Which is the better chain for sound quality?:

transport balanced digital out directly to balanced digital input of the DAC -or-

transport S/PDIF out to DIP S/PDIF input...out from the DIP balanced digital output to the balanced digital input of the DAC?

I know I could A/B it myself but I don't have a balanced digital cable at the moment and I'm insecure enough to need a concensus from audiophiles( if I can get one)

Thanks for your help!
While I do not have any of the equipment you have, I have found that any time I have done "with and without" comparisons with either an Audio Alchemy DTI 2.0 and DTI Pro, I have always preferred the sound of the set up with the Audio Alchemy jitter reducer in the chain. This includes comparing to a Parasound CBT 2000 Tranport connected with an aes/ebu cable to a Micromega DUO BS2 dac. I have tried numerous other combinations using various transports and dacs and while the degree of improvement does vary, I always hear some improvement with the jitter reducer vs without it.
I agree with Joe_b above. And what you need to answer first is whether or not the DIP is providing some worthwhile benefits, ie use RCA ICs and try it with and without the DIP. I've read good things about the DIP, but haven't used one. I have gotten good results using Sonic Frontiers Ultra Jitter Bug and also Theta's TLC-- both with RCA ICs. That said, I now use an AES/EBU cable direct from transport to DAC-- but my components have excellent built in jitter rejection. Good Luck. Craig
Thanks for your help. As usual, there is no substitute for direct observation. I'll bite the bullet and buy a balanced digital cable and test it out.
Garfish and Joe b's advise are just a very few reasons why, IMO, Stereophile mag and the likes will soon die. Who needs them. You will find more useful information from the Audiogon members than 95% of the reviewers. Those that need specs, measurements, and whatever else needed, you can find on the manufacurers list on Audiogon.
Sorry, I just find these mags of little value.
Also, look at how appreciative Mikes was for such helpful information. I'm gonna have to start a thread on how usless most of these mags are. Bet ya I get beat up on that one. Can't wait. I can take it. In fact I will be looking forward to it. Good luck Mikes, I hope you find that perfect fit. I bet you will get a few more helpful replies.
Mike S,
If you're just going to experiment with a balanced digital cable and cannot borrow one or do not want to spend a lot, I would suggest getting an Apogee Wyde-Eye balanced cable. They are available from pro audio dealers like Sam Ash and you may be able to get one with a right of return if it doesn't work out for you. Good luck and have fun.