Please Help with DAC...

I have a Samsung hd841 el'cheapo cdp if I add a DAC to it will I improove the sound or not, I thought a 200.00 used DAC may help a 150.00 player sound better but I wonder about technology in Samsung VS what will most likely be a slightly to moderately aged DAC, can you guys please tell me what specs I need to focus on such as BITS and such, or if entertaining the thought of a DAC is even worth it? I need to put this DAC thing to bed once and for all, please help!
Your money would be much better spennt modifying the player... this player is phenomenal once modified... check out the ads from Reference Audio Mods here on Audiogon, or better, EVS ( There is also hot discussion about this player in audio asylum. Check it out. This player transformed my system when modified by EVS, which used to make their own dacs (which held their ground against Bel Canto etc.), but now modifies players instead.. there is a reason for that.
If it were me, I would try some of those Dakiom feedback stabilizers first, they are only $99 - DAC's are usually MUCH more expensive than that, and you run the risk of spending, say, $650 for a DAC that you don't hear a noticable difference. Another thing is find someone who will loan you a DAC so you can at least try it out before you plunk down the cash. BTW - I don't work for any audio company - I cut grass for a living....
Have you used Dakiom, I see them an awful lot on add's..but never see anyone comment on them, thanks for the advice.
Look for a used MSB link DAC, they can be had for under $150. If it doesn't do it for you, just sell it for no loss.

I"ll second Killerpiglet's suggestion. I believe there's a MSB Link Dac II for sale now.
Hey, I would upgrade the player unless you can get a really good DAC, I have a McIntosh MDA1000 that is out of this world but they are 5-6k used. You can get a nice player for around 2k. Good luck
Chadnliz, The Dakiom tweak is excellent when used in modest cost CD playback systems, which is how I use them. Others have used in very high end applications, too. There are many favorable comments on the website from Audiogon members, myself included.
Dakiom promotes a much more realistic, non-fatiguing sound, and allows a musical, three dimensional, quality to replace the less engaging sound in my unpretentious systems.
Also, as mentioned above, Ric Schultz at EVS is a great designer-modifier, but his truly amazing results will cost more. His older Millennium DAC's are still classics.
Don't forget to use a good quality digital interconnect if you go the MSB Link DAC upgrade route.
It all depends on the DAC. Better or differnt what you will hear. Again, you will need a good digital cable ($150 for say an Audience or Acoustic Zen MC-2 used) and these are good cables for the money. Better cables cost more! IMO the digital cable is more important then the transport to some degree.

Good advice as stated above is to buy used for a good price and resell if you don't hear what you like. If you mod the player you most likely won't get your money back.

Happy Listening.
thanks alot again for all your help
If you get the DAC, look for a 75 ohm design. HDVX or AZ Silver Photon should cost no more than $75 or so used. There are other 75 ohm cables available for that or less new as well.