Please help with choosing best combo for my CM-5's

hi guys

I finally have to decide between these to run my b&w cm 5, smoothly & amazing w/ superb quality & with enough "power"

1) Classe Cap-151 (150 wt/ch) (released 2000) (Price I'l be paying: 1100-1200
2) Rotel Rb-1572 (250 wt/ch) (Latest model) (Price I'll be paying: 750 plus preamp price: around 400-500 max.(total 1100-1200)
3) Rotel RB-1080 (200 wt/ch) (released 2001). I have to find pre-amp for this. (maybe rotel preamp?) (around 1000$ for both)
4) Rotel RB 1562 (100 wt/ch) (latest model) with Rotel Rc-1550 Stereo Pre-amp (850 $))

Of these 4 whats the best option? plz pick 1 that'll run my b&w cm5 w/ no problems in terms of power &
most importantly, 1 that'll make my cm5 sound million times better than my hk3490 currently

I suspect the Classe with clearly outperform any of the Rotel choices. The Rotels will not likely be a huge step up from the hk, maybe just different.

Not sure why you are looking for so much power. You might also want to consider a more recent Creek Destiny (100wpc) which should be in you price range.
Yes I agree with Meiwan's comment regarding power. Not sure why you are looking for so much. The CM5s have a recommended amplifier power by B&W of between 30W and 120W into 8 ohms. The HK3490 is rated at a max of 120W/Channel into 8 ohms. So you're already at the max. Based on this, option 4 is really your only one I'm a Rotel owner of various components and would say IMO that Rotel amps and components are superior in theiir audio performance to the mass marketed HK products. So option 4 !!
so im assuming people would say classe 150 watts out of all these choices?
but also the classe is like 11 years old though? compared to the other four, isnt it