Please help with best PC placement

I have 2 new PC cables from Tekline, I have electrostatic speakers and wondered if it is best to use them on speakers or on my DAC and Transport..I am not sure how much current the speakers require so I thought these may benefit, but please let me know where is best, I only have 2 so I cant do bassically speakers or cdp.
thanks as always Chad
Only you can determine which is best.

Try them on your spkrs. for ~10 to 30 days then go back to what you were using, then try them on the DAC/transport for ~10 to 30 days.

You'll know when you're done experimenting what to do.

Oh, I also recommend you always do one tweak or change at a time, otherwise it'll be difficult to tell where the change came from.
I agree with Driver, my slant is that you might want to start with the scource componets first though as that is where your presentation will origionate from. I know myself that I too have just upgraded power cords to my Integrated (moved my CryoParts Beast to this) and my CD (received new Locus Design Polestar) and will again be posting a new reviews. I will tell you that the difference is (for me) astounding! and is like getting new equipment.