Please help with balanced interconnects!

Please, somebody, I need help. I yielded to temptation and bought a new preamp. I had previously been running a Sony SCD-1 with the analog out(SACD) and the digital out through a DAC. These had been going through a midfi HT processor with RCA inputs only. Well, I bought a new preamp(through Audiogon, of course!). The preamp only has balanced connections. I had bought some balanced IC's in anticipation of this. So I hooked every thing up and settled in to listen to the music. Nothing!. I went and checked all the connections. I settled back in and ...nothing. In desperation I actually reread the manuals of the preamp, the DAC and the SCD-1.It appears as if the preamp has balanced connections with pin 2 + and pin 3-. The DAC is reversd as is the Sony. Could this be the problem? if so, please help. TIA, David
I think your trouble is that you are trying to carry a single-ended source through a balanced cable. What you need is a single-ended cable that is terminated in XLR on the preamp end. You are right, of course, to be careful about which pin is hot with such a cable. Try calling the Cable Co. I used to have a single-ended preamp that used XLR connections, and I had Straight Wire and Cardas make cables that are RCA on the source end and XLR on the other. No problem. I also wonder about your pre-to-power connection. If your preamp puts out balanced and your amp's inputs are single, you may have the same problem in reverse.
Deshapiro - If the only problem were the + and - reversal, then the system would produce sound though phase inverted. I would reexamine to determine if there is a Balanced/Single-ended switch on the components that need to be toggled into the appropriate position. Then double check the pinouts such that Ground isn't connected to either + or - signals by mistake. (Verify that pin 1,2 and 3 are in the same physical position. I've seen different pin numbering orientations for XLR. What "standard"?) This is just a start, but goodluck.
jcb--the Cary sounds great; leave me my feedback! deshapiro--I have the SCD-1. Look on the back of it. Make sure you have the switch set to balanced output. In one position it enables the single-ended RCA outputs, in the other position it enables the balanced XLR outputs. I'm willing to bet that's your problem.
Thank you all for your help. I have a Dodson DAC and called them. I actually spoke to Ralph Dodson at length. He was nice enough to go over all the points that you all just made. He was a real gentleman and I was proud to tell him thst I love his product. David