please help! which turntable , michell gyro se ,, pro ject rpm 10 carbon ,, avid diva 2 ?

this will be my first ever turn table setup , and i would appreciate any help and guideness 
i’m a multi genre music lover 
my audio system is for my standars good , capable to make u apreciate a good recording over a standar recording
i have a pair of dali ms5 speakers , edge nl10 amp, ps audio p10 power plan , benchmark dac 3 pre amp and good wiring all around , its a prety dynamic setup   
There are several options for adding a auto-lift mechanism. The original Audio Technica AT6006a seems to be what they are all modeled around.  

Good Listening

@ yogiboy: Then I’ll wait for the cows and play high quality digital instead.

@ pbnaudio: Not doing an external auto lift mechanism. Had one on a Rega Planar 2 in the late 70s and the arm would shoot up with a thud when it worked accurately- which was less than three-quarters of the time...IF it stayed glued in place. Bought a Denon TT with an auto shut off and loved it until I stupidly decided to sell it off for an ear-bleeding Sony CD101.
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