please help! which turntable , michell gyro se ,, pro ject rpm 10 carbon ,, avid diva 2 ?

this will be my first ever turn table setup , and i would appreciate any help and guideness 
i’m a multi genre music lover 
my audio system is for my standars good , capable to make u apreciate a good recording over a standar recording
i have a pair of dali ms5 speakers , edge nl10 amp, ps audio p10 power plan , benchmark dac 3 pre amp and good wiring all around , its a prety dynamic setup   
I have to plug my Avid Diva II SP. It's outfitted with an SME 309 tonearm (table comes ready fit for SME) and sits atop a 3" thick maple block. I can't brag it up enough. I am completely confident that the table is audibly inert to anything that is added to it (cartridges, wiring, phono preamp, etc.). What I'm trying to say is that everything other than the table can be critically evaluated without concern for the table interfering. Avid suggests a factory refurb of it's bearing after 10 years, maintenance I doubt it will need.  In keeping with your original question, I couldn't recommend Avid more heartily. I'm certain mine will never be replaced.
Not a chance in H**L I’m buying a turntable until I find a decent one along the lines of Rega, EAT or Pro-Ject that has a simple BUILT-IN auto-lift or auto-stop at the end of the record. Not looking for auto return or auto cue. Seems that such a feature violates today's audiophile religion and political correctness. They had them in the 70’s when materials and manufacturing were not as sophisticated. Stupid!
There are several options for adding a auto-lift mechanism. The original Audio Technica AT6006a seems to be what they are all modeled around.  

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