Please help, What tube preamp?

Hello All- I want to purchase a tube preamp to match my krell ksa100, lp12, and atc a7 tower speakers. I am also in the need of speaker cables and interconnects. I like a clean warm crisp sound. Any help/advice would be wonderful! -Thanks
I'm not sure about warm & crisp - sounds a little bit counter intuitive - however, for a clean, neutral, basic and inexpensive tube pre-amp look at the EAR834L. I use one in a second system and love it. Only 3 tubes to worry about and they are long lived in this application. I saw one for sale in audiogon last week for $699 (I think).
I use the Audible Illusions #3 and very happy with it, however I run a tube amp. I heard the KSA100, I think that is a excellent amp. It was paired with a CJ tube linestage,
which worked well.
HHMMMUUMM ---- Warm & Crisp ha... sounds like trying to push when yea should be pulling.. That sounds a little tough to ask for,,, I always found it to be one or the other or is it that compromise... I read enough and going to bed -- good nite
I guess I showed my true colors in asking about a warm, crisp sound. I did not realise I was being counter preductive. Maybe I should have said a sound that is warm, clean, with no rough edges. Thanks for the advice so far. It is helpful.
A couple of recommendations in isolation (i.e. I do not know if these preamps play well w/ Krell electronics) are:

Audio Research SP-6A or B or C, SP-10 mk2, SP-11
Kora Equinoxe


Blue Circle 21.1
Audio Note M2