Please help value these speakers

Hi all, 

I hope I can get the help from the audiophile community here. 

A few years ago, my brother in law suddenly passed away at the young age of 47. He left behind his parents and sisters. I am the son in law. 

My brother in law also left a lot of audio equipment. I think he was an active member on Audiogon, though I do not know what his user ID was. His name was Thang. Some of you might have known him.

I would like to sell his equipment and the money goes to his parents. I would like to ask for your help giving me some idea how much the equipment's worth.

At the link below are pictures of his speakers.

I am a new member here, so there could be doubt about my credential. my ebay ID is also xeurom.

Thanks very much.

Don't know too much about the rest,, but the Rogers LS3/5A bring big money among the Japanese.

Cheers George 

The Blumenstein Orca 3 speakers sell new for around $800.  They would be worth around $400-$500 dollars used.

The Rogers and Spendor models of the BBC LS3/5A speakers have had so many different versions that I'm not sure what they are worth. Maybe someone else has more input on them.
Thank you 
Can't clearly see the back panel of the Rogers, but if they are 15 ohm versions, they should be worth something like $1750, possibly more depending on how good the cabinets are and if they are in excellent operating condition.  8 ohm versions and the Splendor not so much, but still in the $1K range, again depending.

Condolences and good luck!
Thanks eefischer. He passed for 3 years already. All  this stuffs have been in my garage cabinets and only now I have some time to look at them . I will try to take better pictures.
If you do an advanced search on Ebay sold listings,you will see that the Rogers can fetch as much as $5000 and the Spendor over $1000. If the Rogers are the gold badge 15 or 11 ohm version then you have gold . Of course condition is a big factor ! Both of those are very collectable. It looks like both pairs have been converted to bi-wire ( not original ) and might effect the value !  
Good luck !
I would think he'd be most happy to have someone like you or another family member keep the equipment and enjoy it as he did.  
Some of the 11 or 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5a speakers are originally bi-wired. (I have just such a pair.) I suspect that yours are either 11 or 15 ohm versions; from the look of the label, I would bet 11 ohm. As others have noted, these are classics, valuable in decent condition (having appreciated significantly over the years), and worth keeping.
Audiogon has a bluebook service, use it,  and you will not have to rely on people's opinions.