Please help troubleshoot HK AVR7200 problem.....

Hello to everyone and Happy New Year. I was sitting on the couch watching Dick Clark on tv when my receiver seemed to turn itself off. The only sound was a small click just like I hit the power button on the remote. I tried to power the unit back up with no success. I looked for a reset button on the receiver but found nothing. I bought this new 2 years ago from an online retailer. This was their top of the line AVR at the time and weighs 60lbs. Any ideas of what could have happened. It has worked perfectly. I tried unplugging it and letting it sit for a little while. It wasn't hot to the touch when this happened. I am baffled. Any ideas of what happened and how to fix it? Thanks for your help.

I don't know your level of experience, but I will give you some basic ideas where to look...Have you opened the case and checked to see if the board fuse has blown? I know, thats a simple question, but sometimes there is a second board mounted fuse. Another thing, try a different outlet....have you checked the power supply to see if 1) it is receiving voltage, 2) is it coming out the other side...and are there any broken resisitors, triacs, regulators etc...did it smell burnt at all? I would take it apart, get a bright flashlight shining on the board and just stare at it and look at a 4" square at a time to just look for something that doesnt look right. Its the little things that need to be checked along with some obvious...If its not visual, it very well could be just a failed piece of the boards components that didn't fry, but it tripped the protection circuit..for your benefit...Good Luck...
Dreamst8 has good suggestions. I'd also check to see if any speaker wire strands are touching another binding post (which will trip protection circuit).
Is the receiver pluged into a surge protector?
Your receiver may have taken a power surge hit and be fried.
Last week, my TV wouldn't turn on (plugged into an Adcom ACE-515 -over 15 years old).
I felt it might be a voltage thing so I plugged the TV directly into the wall socket and it worked.
Lastly, turn off the power to the wall outlet and check the receptical. Specifically, use steel wool (or tarnex tarnish remover) to get the AC wires back to shiny metal then reconnect (why not replace receptical with hospital grade or fancy audiophile type while you're at it?).
Let us know if any of this works...
Thanks for the effort. I opened the case to the receiver. Wow. I have never seen so much jammed into a component before. I see about 5 different fuses all being very small. They all look okay. I also tried plugging the receiver into another outlet. No burn smell. I just don't get it. I don't know what else to try. I purchased from One Call and there is no way I am shipping this thing. I may have to look for a local HK repair center if there is such a place. I am really upset. Thanks for trying. I don't know what the board fuse is since I see about 5 total. One is larger and has a film or something so you can't see inside of it. The other fuses are all very small and look perfect. Any thing else a complete novice can try?
The one with the film is suspect.
When I say film it almost looks like paper. It looks as though it was designed not to be transparent. I think when I said film that may have been misleading. I am lost inside this receiver. Way too much going on inside this for me to figure anything out.
Thanks to everyone. I am really happy to find out that the warranty is 2 years and I am about 1 year 360 days. I took it in today to an authorized repair center about 15 minutes from my house. I just hope it is covered by the warranty and they can repair it quickly. Thanks for all the help!
Nick--hope they can fix your 7200--I have the same unit-
have had no problems--I am sure you will agree-this is
one great reciever--let me know what the problem is-would be curious to hear.

They replaced a fuse and put the cover back on. The receiver is as good as new and happy to be back on my audio/video rack. This receiver has been a very good performer and I don't plan on having to replace it for years. Thanks to everyone who pitched in with ideas to help. If there weren't 5 fuses that I could see I would have probably tried to replace them, but I didn't want to fool around once I saw the interior of the receiver. Thanks again.
"And he lived happily ever after"...
Thanks for the follow up.
Usually, you never hear from the posters you try to help.