please help the audionoob find headphones??

I am a bit of a noob and am not even sure if Im posting in the right category....
But here are my details: I will be using them for mostly recreational listening off of my receiver at home which I listen to vinyl through and would like to be able to listen to records on my headphones as well, for which i would need a 1/4 adapter. But i would also like to be able to listen to them through my ipod outside of the house and out and about.
I have somewhat narrowed it down although am not restricted to the....Sonny mdr-v6-Audio-Technica ath-m10-jvc ha-m750-sennheiser hd280 i would like there to be decent ambient noise reduction and a balanced sound of good bass mids and treble. other than that i trust you know what is best for me. =)
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Sennheiser. Very smooth...yes, expennsive. but well made, super comfortable, uniformly reliable. i find the sony mdr6 uneven for some reason, or not smooth...something.
Elizabeth's suggestion is very good. In addition, I also recommend Sennheiser. Comfortable, smooth sound, and many models come with a 1/8 plug and 1/4 adapter.
I have the Sony MDR-V6's on your list and I have enjoyed them with the headphone jack from my Outlaw Model 990 and from the headphone jack of my Dell laptop at work. They are a very neutral sounding headphone. Bass and treble were just right to me.

Here is an old review from an A'gon member about the pro version of the MDR-V6. The Sony MDR 7506. They are practically the same.

Now regarding comfort I say swap out the stock pads from the MDR-V6 for the velour padded Earcushions for the BeyerDynamic DT250/DT280. When I wear the V6's with the stock earpads my ears perspire even after only an hour of listening to music. Also I wouldn't get the Pearpad ear cushions for the V6s. In my case they changed the MDR-V6 from an over the ear to an on-ear headphone which was not comfortable for me.

Also check youtube for reviews on the MDR V6.

Best of luck with your search.
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