Please Help, Speakers for B&K 307???

Hey All,

A friend of mine wants to spend about 3500 dollars on a set of speakers. He has got a Sony 9000 DVD/CD player as a source. He listens to SACD/CD 80% of the time and movies 20% of the time. He listens in stereo though, so wants to spend all his dough on Fronts. What would everyone recommend? He's open to Nautilus 803, Revels, Proac, Paradigm's new series, and just about anything that has at least enough fit and finish to pass the wife's approval. I appreciate everyone's help.

Pretty much everything you have listed there is quite a level above your other listed components,, you may want to consider steering him towards better upstream gear before laying out that much on speakers, i would carefully consider cabling as well, however my friend used a pair of Revel M-20s with the B&K with pretty good results.

I am pushing him to at least upgrade the speaker cable to AP Oval 9, he's got some midgrade Monster Cable for speaker cable and some synergistic Alpha sterling ICs or a few decent quality digital cables. He wants to keep the B&K and sony. I may be able to persuade him to purchase an affordable power amp such as plinius, rotel, etc, but he's got about 3000 to spend and wants to spend the majority on the speakers. Thanks so much for your help and any more you may have...and if anyone else has's greatly appreciated.