Please help: Speaker wire ?

I just purchased a JMlab Electra 905, and a Nakamichi receiver AV-10. The 905 is a little bit bright, so I've looked for a kind of speaker wire that can make the speaker sound warmer a little bit. My budget for a pair (bi-wire)is no more than $350 (I can buy used ones). Thank you very much. Tranle
The problem is not with your speakers, Its your receiver. Try the equalizer in a cable wires like MIT or Transparent.
The preamp in your receiver is most likely culprit. Try a separate preamp.
You guys are NUTS ! The AV-10 is FAR from being a bright sounding component, extensive exposure to it has led me to believe that it is one of the more "civilized" sounding receivers available. I might question the source component, but since it isn't listed I can't say for sure. If you are looking for a decent speaker cable, try either the Audioquest TYPE-4 or some of the entry level Transparent product. I have used both with a great deal of success in various systems. Also, have a look at your source components and the interconnects that you are using. As a last resort, sell your JM Labs...
You might look into Analysis-Plus cable. I tried it and found it very laid back. A little to much for me, but I don't have a bright sounding system. I thought that in the right system this stuff could be amazing. It has about the widest soundtage I have heard
It may not be your cables. Unless components are properly isolated from internal/external vibration, they won't provide a rich harmonic structure. If that is covered (it seldom is) then look at your speaker cables, but in a different way. They act as antenna for RFI/EMF, and other junk noise that comes out of the speakers a bright sound. Walker Audio makes a great product for this. To learn more about tweaking, check out
Check out for Stealth speaker cables, and contact their designer for a particular recommendation. No risk since there's a 30-day money-back guarantee. I've used two more expensive than you want, Premier and Ultimate Ribbon, and found both to be outstanding. Lower down in price you can at least expect them to be very competitive with other brands.
For our budget of $350, get a pair of MIT Terminator2 bi-wire. It's will warm the sound and will not lose any detail.
I second it, MIT Terminator 2 Bi-wire! I'm about to get some single wire ones from Audio Advisor. These are close-out priced, so it'd be foolhardy to miss out. My Terminator 3 ones are beating everything I've thrown at them, including Cardas Neutral Reference, AudioTruth Dragon, Kimber 8TC, Straightwire Virtuoso, and anything Goertz. I'm also about to try Analysis Plus Oval 9, but I don't expect much from it. The reviews I've read on that one seem biased and based on ignorance. BTW, none of MIT's networks contains an "equalizer", and they have zero components of any kind in the signal's path...unlike all of Transparent's cable.
I think changing the wire to cure brightness is a strange approach. Have you considered hanging a rug, tapestry or foam in the room in strategic places to help take the edge off? I highly doubt the wire is the culprit unless you are using very thin cheap junk. Probably the room is what needs tuning. Good Luck!
Tara labs wire is fairly warm and detailed. I have a very live room with glass and hardwood. The kimbers were too bright the Tara Lab Prime helped tame the sound. The JM labs tweeter is very detailed with excellent dispersion-this could be revealing flaws in your amp or source, in addition to the room effect.