Please help: Something wrong with my spkrs

Hello, My speaker is making noise everytime I turn the amplifier on and off. It's just happened since last night, and it's got worse everytime I turn the amp on and off. Noise get louder and longer (about 5 seconds), and it happends just after I hit the on off button of the amp. The noise is like Pop and Chiu...(sound like lasser gun in Star trek). Noise still happend eventhough the preamp, and cd are off. I also changed the speaker wire but it still the same. My Classe amp is 150channel (briged), and my Jmlab handle 100w max. I've kept the vollum the same for over 3 months (nerver go over -19db), so I don't think my woofer is blow off because of too much power. Does anyone have any ideas what's going on? Thanks for you help DT
From your description, the problem is in your amp rather than your speakers. The "Pop" is the problem and the "Chiu" is the capacitor discharging a modulated signal into your speakers. The problem is definately internal to your amplifier. Hope someone else can add on. Good luck
I experienced similar problems with my amp (Hising and harming insteand of pop), at last I send it for service and two output capacitors changed. BTW which channel is giving the "POP" and "chui", I think you should disconnect your speakers from your amp as the "noise" might damage them. Send you amplifier for service, it is definately something wrong in it. Good Luck
Its the amp for sure.Get it serviced fast.
I also think that the problem from the amp. I just sent my new Classe amp 201 for repair last week after 2 weeks of playing (one channel was dead). Do you think that is it something wrong with the AC outlet (both amps plug directly into the same outlet)? Thanks
Just open the amp and found out two fuses was blew. I'll talk to Classe manufracture on Monday. Thanks for your advises. DT By the way, do you think there are any chances that the speaker cables cause problems? I dout the speaker cable because I used the Monster cables for 2 months without any problem and the NBS cables for only 1 days. It happened the same to my Classe 201 (2 weeks with Monster and 2 days with NBS. My cables is NBS bi-wire Thanks again
I agree with the gentlemen who have responded so far that there is a problem in your amp. For some reason the electrolytic capacitors in your amp are not being bled off properly. It is definitely a no-no to have both amps plugged into the same outlet. If you are using them simultaneously you are probably pulling too much current from your outlet and that is also dangerous. If your outlet is at the end of a particularly long run of house wiring, the increased current draw while not enough to pop the breaker may cause a voltage drop across your house wiring which causes the house wiring to dissipate heat (Very Dangerous). That is what they mean when they say never overload an outlet. In any case, the voltage drop causes a sag in the ac voltage which causes your amp to work harder to supply the same power to the load and could result in premature failure. This is all speculation because I do not have enough imformation about your problem but I would recommend a dedicated outlet for you amps that is wired with #12 wire as a minimum.
You might want to be very careful in telling Classe that you opened the amp up. This may void the warranty! I have a Classe amp and while I love them there customer service was a little cool. Call them and describe the problem and maybe they will tell you to go ahead and open it up. It may be that they will know what it is and that it may be as simple as repacing 2 fuses and therefor authorize you to open it. Be careful and Good Luck!
I could blow out a fused anvil but I noticed in your post the reference to the problem occurring shortly after you switched to bi-wire cable. A defect in them could be causing a short, right guys?
I would also check where the cables go into the speaker and make sure they are not touching. It the posts are close its hard to seperate the bulk wires and connectors sometimes. I would also find out why before replacing fuses. I replaced a fuse once and the amplifier blew up. If I found the reason first it wouldnt have happened.