Please help, single input, multiple outputs

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I have done the search, but my problem returns no results.
This must be fairly easy, I need to have a single input amp that has multiple outputs for 3-5 speakers. I know that many amps output to multiple speakers (for home theater), but they all seem to have only one output to the one input channel. I lurk everyday, but seldom post, my bad, but most of you know so much more than myself. What is the best way to accomplish this task.
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Doug Clary
Adcom used to make the GFS-3/4/6 speaker selector. You ran the amp's output into the box and could choose from 3/4/6 speaker outputs in any combination.

Niles makes several also.
It sounds like you want to put multiple speakers on one channel. Instead of finding an amp with multiple outlets per channel, maybe the search should/could be for a series of connectors or splitters so that you can branch out from a single cable into a number of leads going to your speakers.

I am not knowledgeable enough to address the other issue of how your arrangement might over-tax your amp or diminish the sound quality of those speakers. Someone else may address that for you.

Just curious, but why do you want to run 4-5 speakers off of one channel? Can you explain a little more about your set up?
I assume you want all the speakers active at the same time rather than switching speakers. If that is your goal, you can get a RCA distributor amp which will split a single RCA input into multiple RCA outputs. You than connect the outputs into the inputs of a multi-channel amp.

Google "RCA distributor box" or "RCA distributor amp". You should be able to find many products at different price range and features.
Perhaps this will help

I have not used it, so I can't vouch for it, but perhaps it will help you.
They're called distribution amps that are able to distribute one input throughout multiple outputs.
The proper source for that to shop is in section pro-audio ->> distribution amplifiers.
"I know that many amps output to multiple speakers (for home theater), but they all seem to have only one output to the one input channel. " If you set this to ALL-MONO, the single input will go to all outputs.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your help. This is for a large restaurant that is being built that the owner has asked me for my opinion on how they can get the best sound for the bucks. We have talked about this and one of my pet peeves is terrible sound in the restaurant environment that really spoils the dining out experience. Don't know much about commercial systems, but do know quite a bit about concert and home systems.
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Sorry I helped. Generally, I prefer absolutely no "background" music since, when there is, it is often abusive.

Why not purchase 2 chanel Int amp with 100 Watts or higher. Also get a Bryston 3 way Speaker switch. You can run 6 speakers at once.