PLEASE HELP---Sansui 1000A tech question

So, I recently replaced the rectifiers and filter caps in my Sansui 1000A. I think I've got everything hooked up right, but I'm showing negative voltage on the plate...about -520V or so. Grid shows negative voltage.

What's the deal? Obviously I'm getting no sound...doing I have something wired in reverse? Without detailing the setup, I'm pretty sure I just replaced all the previous parts.
Try the classic Sansui forum at Sansui and Beyond. They have fanatics extremely knowledgable about anything and everything to do with Sansui's.
I recommend to bring it to a reliable Tech before the problem is amplified to a real one. I am a Tech myself but I live in Vancouver, Canada.
do have a sm if not go to they have a sm you can download for FREE.
You have replaced the parts reversed, not good, 1000A power supply usually holds up well as original, oil filled caps are ALL bad, have restored least 6 of 1000A and a 1000 in the past year, they all sounded very good when done right.