please help: micro seiki of VPI

Hi all,

I would really love to pick your brains.

PLEASE NOTE: this thread is asking for PERSONAL considerations in comparing two very different tables.

So please no flaming, name calling, etc

I own a VPI Scout. It has never let me down, and with the SoundSmith Zephyr cartridge it sounds fantastic.

However, I’ve always loved the look, the vintage aspect and pure craftsmanship of the Micro Seiki BL range.

I now have a Micro Seiki BL-51 with CF-1 tonearm as a loan for a month with option to buy. Yesterday I mounted the SoundSmith Zephyr cartridge and it does not disappoint.

Either I will buy the Micro Seiki and sell the VPI Scout or I will keep the Scout. I’m leaning towards the Micro Seiki (from the beginning) but will definitely make sure it sees my whole record collection this month before deciding. Id really love to hear from all of you on these two tables. Which one would you get and why?

Am I about to make a big mistake selling the VPI for a way older table?

Thanks all so much for your opinions!

[/quote]...but will definitely make sure it sees my whole record collection this month before deciding[/quote]

When you can't hear a big difference after 2 (!) records, then you can keep/sell whatever you "like". It is a side step but not one to move on.
remember parts,parts,parts and one more thing parts....
It's a win/win situation for you, you get a whole month to make a decision. If you like the Micro Seiki, as it seems that you do, keep it and sell the VPI. If you regret your decision a year from now, you will have no problem finding another VPI Scout, they are everywhere. Micro Seiki's are a little harder to find. I wouldn't let the age be a factor in my decision.
FWIW, I currently own a Scout too.
I will go on record as stating that I own and enjoy many Micro Seiki turntables and tonearms. However, you are trying to compare apples and oranges.

The Micro Seiki BL-51 was a very good midrange deck in the early 1980s - not the best product in their line but certainly far from the worst. The biggest problem is that the motor is not well isolated, the plinth is quite resonant by today's standards, and the platter is quite light and "ringy".

The CF-1 was a very well engineered tonearm, but like many Japanese arms of the time was designed for very lightweight, high-compliance cartridges which were then in vogue. Your Souundsmith Zephyr cartridge would be a good match, IF you ordered a high compliance version from Peter.

The VPI Traveler is a modern, well-engineered lower midrange system that is optimized for modern medium-compliance cartridges.

In my opinion, I would probably choose the BL-51 for style and the Traveler for sound quality. Frankly, I would substitute an MA-505 MkII tonearm for the CF-1. I think that would make the decks sound more similar.
I have a micro dd 7 with a ma505 on it. Great table, but as someone said no better or worse than a scout.