Please help me which music is that?

Hello friends,

At 22:20 there is a music with a pan flute in the bacckground. I know it is a film music but I heard that once on an audiophile CD. Can anyone remeber the title or give the title of the music to me.

PS: You have to click throuh a lot pop ups to get to the video.

FYI, as soon as I clicked on the link my NOD32 anti-virus program put up a warning and blocked access to a particular IP address, which I assume was the address of an ad server associated with one of the popups. The warning indicated that address is on NOD32's internal blacklist.

-- Al
Blocked here too.
The name of the song is "The Blue Screen of Death."
I clicked on start Stream!

I have tried Kaspersky, Avira, McAffee and Super AntiSpyware and Lavasoft.

None of them did reprot any signs of this activity. I think you all have activated your pop up blocker and oyu have clicked on Download Video or something else.

Again there are a lot of pop ups, but the link definately does not contain any malware. Otherwise the moderators would not have approved it.

any news?
09-25-13: Stefanovitch
any news?
I just gave the link another try, after first creating an image of my entire hard drive that I could revert to if necessary. This time I received no warning from my anti-virus software. However a prompt appeared on the page asking me to install a new codec pack. No thanks! Several clickable buttons also appeared, which I did not click on, but by hovering the mouse pointer over them I could see that they went to url's beginning with "".

I'm using Windows 7, Firefox, and NOD32 anti-virus software, all with the latest updates. I don't envision returning to again.

-- Al
I do not have any problems. Must be an error with NOD32. The link is posted in many other forums as well asking for music and none of those people had problem.

The Codec is for the internal flash player to see the Flash movie. It is from Night Rider " Goliath episode ".

I do not know what problems you encounter. It is normal to install the Codec n order to be able to see the video.

Again, McAfee, Avira, Kaspersky, Spyware Pro and SuperAntiSpyware don't pop up. I have tried Symantec as well, no pop ups.

Looks like you should report these false alarm to the NOD team.

I am not posting links to malware. The moderators wouldn#t approve such links at Audiogon.

Stefan, note that I said that NOD32 did NOT indicate any problems when I tried the link yesterday. While it is certainly possible that the problem it indicated when I first tried the link on the day your original post appeared was a false positive, it is also possible that it was due to an infected third party ad server that was serving one of the many popups which appeared at that time, which were subsequently removed. That kind of thing has happened now and then even to a number of very large and well known sites whose reputability is beyond reproach, such as some major newspaper sites.

Regarding codec packs, I've read of many instances where installing completely legitimate codec packs can result in conflicts with existing installed codecs that may be used by video and audio editing programs. I happen to use such programs.

Finally, let me make sure it is entirely clear that no one is suggesting in any way that you may have either intentionally or negligently posted a link to malware. I was just reporting the facts of what happened when I clicked on the link. Implicit in those facts is that it would be prudent for you and others to exercise caution. One way of exercising caution is what I mentioned that I did yesterday, creating an image of the contents of my hard drive, using a drive imaging program, that I could revert to if necessary.

-- Al
The pop-ups are commercials and none of them is infected with malware!

Ecostream is a place to share videos for family, friends and user who like to watch movies online.

I have never experienced any kind of problems with that Codec hance it is impleneted to work with that video only. It has no negative effect and incompabilities with other Codecs on other sides.

However, I agree it is right to be careful, but instead of making this a discussion thread for malware I would be more than happy to know the music around 22:20 that is playing in that episode.

Remember I heard it on an audiophile CD, but I forgot the name.

I have an idea. Why don't you do a you-tube humming it for us?
Not sure what you mean. I do not know how to copy this internal flash video to a youtube video and upload it there. If oyu have an idea let me know and i will try.
GO there

The music starts at 22:20 with the pan flute and click on "Play Now". It is in german, but the music should right appear at that time index.

Hope that helps
... of course continue as free user!
NO no. Get yourself on youtube and you hum it personally.
Stefanovitch, it is better to upload the files to a free service where no download is required. I doubt anyone want to donwload unknown stuff to their Pc.
You can watch the stream online.
No download is needed.

Interessting only users here have problems and it other forums not.