Please help me to pick a speaker...

i am a newb in two channel..please help
i just sold my NHT Vt-2 speaker. So i am looking for a used pair speaker. there are couple of them i am intersting such as

my budget is around 2.5k

Proac D15 or 2.5
Dynaudio 25th
Focus audio Fs 78 or fs 688

my equipment kt-88 int-amp, cayin 50T-sacd.

The speakers you listed are all very, very good. Just be careful to match your relatively low powered integrated amp with relatively high efficiency speakers with a flat impedance curve. While I like the Dynaudio's, and own some of their bookshelf models, I don't think they would be a good match with your amp. Maybe consider Von Schwiekert VR 4jr's, although I'm not sure if you can get them for $2500 used. Another option are Silveline Sonata I's or II's.... I own the II's. They are very efficient, full range and aesthetically appealing. A great value IMO for approx. $2500 - $2800 used, although you have to be patient from an availability standpoint.
the proacs are the best by a long shot. they are still made in the uk unlike the vs which is now from china
Jaybo, maybe there would be good synergy since the amp and cdp are already from China?

Hollychau, I am running VSA 4JRs with a KT88 integrated and they sound great.
Thanks all of your suggestion.

: )

i think i will check the silverline and VSA 4jr out.
VR4 jr IS AN AWESOME SPEAKER, JUST REMEMBER you will need to keep them a good bit away from walls, but they really REALLY can shine!
Proac or Aerial would be my choices.
totem any model from forest up.
the forests will be the best sound for the money.
For detail, response, bass and highs and depth to the music the forest are a good place to start. And the higher you go up in models it only gets better.
the Forests will give any speaker 2 and 3 times the price a run for the money.
Usher 6381 and Silverline Sonata II's are outstanding choices. Both are among the top performers in your price range.

The Dynaudio is a really fine speaker. How much power can your amp put out, they need some juice.
I also recommend you consider a pair of Meadowlark Ospreys. They come available used for around 3/4 of your budget. Very musical, and very efficient. Good luck.
When I bought my first pair of high quality speakers, I didn't consider the possibility that I might want to listen quietly sometimes, so I ended up with speakers that sounded great 95% of the time but lost a lot when I turned the power down. That's why I love my Silverlines. They sound great loud, and they sound qreat at low volume too.