Please help me tame my room.

Please help me tame my room. I have included a diagram. if you download the PDF 1 inch is 1 foot. I also have hardwood floors.

I know I have a bass problem around 50hz (its bloated) and the again at about 100 hertz. Above that I have some echoing.

Please feel free to edit the JPG and repost it. I am thinking some corner bass traps in the back and wall hangings. Please let me know what you think. I am thinking about DIY panels over store bought.

I would start with some bass traps as you mentioned, also try some wall hangings or echo-busters ( I made my own ) at the first reflection points of the speakers on the side wall. Absorbsion on the wall behind you will help too.
1. You're going to get big peaks at 47 and 57Hz.

2. Bass at all frequencies is reinforced at your seating position against the wall. Only sitting in a corner would get you stronger bass.

You're not going to get adsorbtion from fiberglass or foams at bass frequencies. You need treatments like Helmholtz resonators for the peaks and diapraghm adsorbers for wide-band control.

Parametric equalization is a useful crutch. The Behringer Feedback Destroyer works for sub-woofers but has too much noise at high frequencies.
Check out this stuff. Realtraps are gaining popularity quickly in pro audio.

I use mondotraps (by realtraps) for bass control...
I have a pretty small listening room and not a great depth of knowledge about tuning the space aside from reading what I can find in the various magazines and on some web sites such as the Realtraps site. I actually just got four Microtraps and am surprised and pleased with the result. My problem has been some high-end glare, including a good deal of syllabance on some material. I've also had some real problems with bass extension.
The Microtraps really cleaned things up and gave me a surprising amount of bass extension. I'm still experimenting with placement and will likely order a couple of Minitraps as well. I think the Mondotraps may be overkill in my situation. The best change came as a result of placing one above and behind my listening position on the wall. I also have one in a difficult corner and oneeach on mostly bare sidewalls. I've taken the advice from the web site and spaced them all from the wall a bit. My problem now, and I'm open to suggestions on how to handle this is that I'm losing a good deal of bass energy as the sheet rock walls behind the speakers are noticeably vibrating when there is moderate volume. I'm thinking Minitraps behind each speaker, but not sure which way to go.