Please help me not make a dumb mistake

I am putting together a new secondary system. Among other things, I am planning on hooking up a Rhythmik F12G subwoofer using the subwoofer's SPEAKER level inputs. On the Rhythmik website, its says:

"Our speaker level inputs are only compatible with power amplifiers having single ended outputs with black lead output labelled as "COM", "GND", or "Ground". Wyre4sound power amplifiers and others with differential outputs are not compatible."

The amplifier I would like to hookup to the subwoofer is a Prima Luna Dialogue 4. The Prima Luna's black lead outputs are not labelled "COM," "GND," or "Ground." They are labelled 0 Ohm. Is that the same thing as ground?

In other words, can I safely hook up the F12G subwoofer to the Dialogue 4 amp using the subwoofer's SPEAKER level inputs?

Thank you.

Yes it is the same!
A "good ground" is a ground circuit that has a resistance of zero OHMS.
Is there a reason that you don't want to use the low level inputs? I've always found that using the low level inputs sounds better to me. The REL "experts" disagree however. You can use the high level inputs, but that won't allow you to limit the low frequencies to speakers.
Thank you, Yogiboy. I appreciate the help.

Fiesta75-- I don't have the option of using the low level subwoofer input in this system as it is currently configured, which is:

Mac mini --> Benchmark Dac3 (dac/preamp) --> Prima Luna Dialogue 4 --> Dali S180.

I have used the low level inputs on other subwoofers in different systems with good results. This will be my first experience using a subwoofer's high level input. Hopefully it works out.
I think you will find that speaker level inputs are better and it’s easier to integrate the sub with the main speakers.

Your speaker level inputs share a ground common between left and right. Amplifiers that use differentially balanced circuits have separate grounds for left and right. I'm pretty sure the PL amplifier is a single-ended amp, so you should be fine, but it might be wise to check with your dealer or the manufacturer just to be sure.