Please help me! I Inherited Pro audio system and it is more than I can handle!! Will sell.

  I have inherited this audio system that was purchased in 1998 and has been stored in original boxes since 1999 in parents climate controlled basement. There are receipts, manuals, white paper and all cables. It's a long story but true. Further info upon request.

  I am a newbie to this site and definitely not and audiophile that requires this kind of equipment. I have been told that it has significant value on the resale market and I should attempt to sell it. My problem is I don't know the best way to accomplish this. Should I attempt to sell as a packaged system or break it up into separate pieces? I prefer to  sell all together in one package if possible.

  System Components Include:

  1. Infinity Sigma tower speakers 100-500 watts RMS per channel

  2. Aragon 8008ST power amp

  3. Aragon 18K MK II Pre Amp

  4. Aragon IPS Isolated Power Supply

  5. Aragon D2A2 with D2A upgrade?

  6. Pioneer Elite Series PD-65 CD changer

  7. Pioneer Elite Series F93 Tuner

  8. Billy Baggs Audio/Visual Furniture Design component rack

  9. Super thick speaker cables and all component cables

  Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated!


You are much more likely to sell and get a better price piece by piece than all in a lot.
" significant value " is a relative term. I say this not having any  idea what this all can sell for

First thing you have to do is determine if it all functions the way it's suppose to...
I agree with @dill but it depends how much your willing to mess with it. 
One possibility (of many) is to look for a ebay "Trading Assistance". They will list/sell/ship all items for a commission of the profits. I've never have tried it though - I've just heard about it...

You will never sell it as a system as this stuff is just ok. Good luck though!!
That cd player is pretty nice, not sure about anything else.
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@roadking07 Please contact [email protected], attn. Tammy, and I will be glad to help you.