Please help me get my missing frequencies

My sub has a Low Pass Filter, switchable from 38-65Hz 6 positions. As far as I can tell, my PrePro sends out the entire LFE channel to the sub no matter what the crossover is set to. If the highest freq setting in the sub's LP filter is 65Hz, and the LFE can contain freqs up to 120HZ, then I am missing nearly a 55hz band. Can anyone think of a solution that I can get at those missing freqs?

Thank you in advance,
Your sub should have 2 inputs: one for full frequency from the pre and one to the equalizer. Read the manual and switch inputs into the sub if you want the sub to perform the EQ. You might be better off letting the pre/pro do the crossover work and bypass the sub crossover.
Your sub on-line owner's manual is coming soon, so I can't read it from the web-site. Does your sub have a by pass input (one that by passes the low pass filter) either a switch or a seperate RCA input.
Your sub should have 2 inputs
I do in fact have 2 inputs. 1 XLR & 1 Line Level. Both Full frequencies.
You might be better off letting the pre/pro do the crossover work...
And Therein lies the rub. The entire .1 (LFE) channel gets sent to the sub, irrespective of the crossover according to my understanding manual.
From the Manual:
Select NORMAL or ENHANCED to choose the amount of bass information sent to the subwoofer. NORMAL sends the low frequencies from the limited speakers and the .1 (or LFE) signal to the subwoofer.ENHANCED sends additional bass information from the left and right loudspeakers to the subwoofer in addition to the low frequencies from the limited loudspeakers and the .1 (or LFE) signal.
...and bypass the sub crossover
For the life of me I can not figure out how to do that. I sent an Email to Sumiko. I'm hoping there is some way. It would be of very poor design not to on a $4K subwoofer. Especially if PrePro's normally send the entire .1 to the sub. Also the Cremona is suppose to double as Home Theater as it has a matching center.
Why don't you consult your dealer for proper setup info. For the amount of money you've spent he should be available for a little hand holding.
It looks like the "normal" mode sends the bass for all the speakers that you have set to "small" mode to the subwoofer. If you are running all the speakers in "large" mode, the only sounds that the sub would be fed would be the LFE channel. At least that's what i got out of reading what you posted here. This is normal and nothing to fret over. Hopefully, you've purchased speakers that are capable of low frequency output and are running them on the "large" setting. Sean
My Mains go down to 32Hz. But the mains do not get the LFE channel unless I say I have no sub.
My dealer is on vacation and besides I don't think he is very knowledgeable, he told me that the Low Pass Filter filters out noise.
I am very new to this hobby and discovered this gap in my freqs only because my dealer had told me to set my crossover to 80hz (I guess without realizing the sub will filter out anything above LP Filter which was set at like 50Hz). Recently, for experimentation purposes I set my mains to "Full Range" and heard information I never heard before in a CD I am very familiar with my system. I fixed the gap by changing the crossover to 60Hz and the LP filter to 65Hz.
But that prompted me to actually read the manual (something I never do) and realized that the entire .1 goes to the Sub no matter what I set the crossover to. So now I still have a gap in my LFE channel for the freqs 65-120HZ, since the specs for LFE is up to 120Hz.
It sounds like you've got an adjustable "rumble" filter along with a variable subwoofer crossover. If that is the case, you should be running the LP filter as low as possible or just below the point of tuning if your speakers are vented ( port, passive radiator, etc... ). The sub should be adjusted for whatever frequency gives you the best sound. This would allow the mains to play full range and then have the sub augment them as the LFE channel is called into play. Sean