Please help me for used balanced DAC...

I am looking for Pass DAC D1 or Dodson 217Mk2, "D" or not,and Chord DAC64.
Perhaps too, Electrocompaniet ECD-1 or Benchmark Dac1...
Who listened to the 2 or 3 first units together ?
Help me for taking the good d├ęcision.
Thanks in advance at all
I recently chose the Dodson 217 D (Mark 2, I think) with upgraded software which is a "trickle down" from the 218--not identical but based on similar principles, apparently. Simply fabulous unit, imo. Plan a possible review later. I'm 3rd owner, and am left wondering why the previous two guys sold it, but I'm quite glad they did.

Like you, I had posted a thread asking for comparisons between the DAC 1 and (unlike you) the Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC. Nobody bothered to answer. Can only say I really like the Dodson, purchased here on Audiogon. This thing upsamples way beyond 192. {96 with 8x oversampling equals 768 total, I THINK.} It's just a great unit, and the A/B between my player's output and the Dodson was not ambiguous. You wouldn't go wrong with this unit, in my opinion.
If you do not require oversampling, the Classe' DAC-1 has balanced outputs.
Classe' DAC-1 needs major mods to sound as good as these other dacs. The Benchmark would be my recommendation. Very pristine highs, but a bit soft in the mids and lows in stock form. The stock Electrocompaniet ECD-1 on the other hand has great midrange and bass, but rolls-off highs. Benchmark and Electro DACs are some of the best with mods.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio