Please help me find the right digital player

Hi all,

I am looking for a digital player that has HDMI out so that song selection and album art is available via remote control on my flat screen. My lowly NeoTV (similar to an Apple TV) does just that, (and supports 24/192 gaplessly, to boot!). It doesn’t matter if the solution has an integrated HDD, or just accepts my USB HDD. But I am looking for something better.

The Bryston, Auraliti and Sonore have the SQ that I would want for my Maggies, but they don’t have HDMI out, and require a small iPad/iPhone for remote control. The SB Touch’s screen is just too small for these old eyes, (besides, it works best when networked, rather than with a standalone USB, as I have). The Olive doesn't quite work either.

Also, I don’t need a ripping solution. I just need 24-192 playback.

The NeoTV sounds surprisingly good via optical to my DAC. And I know that it would benefit from something like the Synchromesh, but I am looking to upgrade it altogether.

Does such an animal exist? I haven’t found one…

Any ideas?

Sony 5400. Might only be 2 channel,but def. has hdmi out.
Try Oppo.
Thanks so far! I really appreciate it...

But for clarification, I am looking for a file player, not a disc player like the Sony or Oppo.

Any other ideas?
Oppo's don't just play physical discs. They also play digital audio files.
The user interface on the Oppo for playing digital audio files is pretty limited, especially for a large library.

Honestly, I am not sure what you want exists, except in the form of a Blur-Ray player or a computer. HDMI is just not part of the audio scene.
Although the Oppo's own user interfaces (whether displayed on a TV, a monitor, or even via Oppo's MediaControl app on a tablet) may be limited, one does not necessarily have to use any of those interfaces to play digital audio files. Unlike earlier Oppos, the current generation of 10x Oppos include DMR (Digital Media Renderer) capability which, for example, allows me to use JRiver software to control the playing of digital audio files stored on my laptop's internal or external harddrives. JRiver software is pretty robust.
From the original post I thought he wanted a solution that did not involve a computer.

If he is going to use JRiver why not just get a computer with HDMI out for the TV and go directly from the computer to the DAC? No need for an Oppo in that configuration. And, if using a computer then a large monitor might be as good as a TV.
@Gz3027 - Yes, the Oppo would play my digital files to my 2 channel system, with remote control music library management output to a TV, just as I would want. But unfortunately I don't want to pay for the Oppo's BR drive along with all of its video capability when I only want audio.

@Dtc - you are correct. I don't want a PC solution... But that WOULD be easy. And you may be correct in that want I want may not exist. (except in the form of inexpensive media players like the NeoTV, Apple TV or the WDTV).

But I will keep checking this thread for suggestions...

Thanks again!
I have an imac streaming to my Bifrost DAC, which supports asynch USB.

I use iTunes for library management, since it allows mw to view the content by artist, album, composer and genre and allows me to create playlists of favourites.

I use Audirvana to bypass the crappy Apple routines that colour the sound - and I control the whole thing from my armchair on my tablet using a program called Retune - which has all the functions of iTunes

I currently stream everything up to and including 24/192

You don't need a monitor, so you could do it with the small Apple Mini - which does 24/192

Hope this helps :-)
One option is to get a Mac Mini which has HDMI out and run one of the Mac players - Pure Music, Audiovarna or even J River or even iTunes to get started. You can use either Toslink or USB to connect to a DA. You can get a remote or use a blue tooth mouse/keyboard to control it or use a tablet. It is a computer, but a pretty minimal one. I am not a MAC guy so am no help on the details but a lot of people use them so the details are out there. You might check into that solution.
Try the Baetis, it is exactly what your looking for and sounds absolutely fabulous. Good Luck
I had forgotten about the Baetis. It is not talked about much but it is an interesting product. It is basically a purpose built PC running Windows and J River with a S/PDIF output. My one observation is that it is still a Windows machine. When you read the accounts of someone needing technical support to connect a disk drive, you realize it is more like a PC than a stand alone music server.
I've been using Mac mini (Music Server) with Amarra and RME Asyn DAC via ipad control for the last 3 years. Music sound better each time with the free itune or Amarra update. Search the Web for more information / detail.