Please help me find amp that sounds like a Jadis I50

I need a poor man's version of Jadis. 

I only heard Cayin CS55A in triode  mode  and I like.

But how about Ayon Scorpio,  Icon Audio Stereo 30SE or Prima Luna  dialogue premium? 
If you heard a rig with a Jadis,  you may have also heard other good components. Maybe they were making the good sound.


I have heard the prima with Kt-150's and is quite good,definitely has a strong enough pwr supply and output transformers for the 150's.

I have'nt heard the Jadis though I would like to sometime.

Best of luck,
Thanks guys!  Yesterday heard the dialogue premium integrated with the new Totem skys.  Amp was cold so wasn't impressive.  Went back to store to listen to my speakers with cayin again. Tube definitely has the presence and meat on bones. Has nice smooth sound if not quite accurate on some frequency. 

I'm not sure what to get.  I think digital amp Devialet is on to something for most accurate sound.  Just doesn't have a tidy treble. It has the air and texture of tubes and also the freeness.
Devialet?  It's very good, but it definitely is NOT the Jadis sound.  Cayin has some excellent models that can give you a softer tube sound; also, an older VAC integrated like the Avitar, might do the trick.
I read that Jadis is Jadis, there is no substitute. It has the cult following like few others.
If you really like that sound - wait a little longer save on lunches and get it.
Not exactly my kind of sound but I understand the followers.
I own a Cayin A88T and couldn't be happier. I don't have much tube amp experience other than the Cayin, but I can tell you that it walks all over many SS designs, including some $30k Devialet mono blocks. This is especially true in terms of detail and soundstage. I have often read that tube amps sacrifice detail for warmth, that's complete bull IME.

Class D can produce an "open" soundstage but listen to one for a couple hours and then listen to a tube amp for a couple hours. No comparison IMO. The Cayin makes me want to listen for hours, with SS amps, especially class D, my mind wanders to my chore list.