Please help me find agreat match for Quad Speakers

I have a pair of Quad II-fourty Tube monoblocks driving Quad 988 speakers. I am also using the Levinson 390S CD Processor. I would appreciate any suggestions from those of you who have had lots of real experience in finding a great matching pair of speaker cables.

Thanks for your help and season's greetings !
I have Quad ESLs, the old 57s
with an ARC Classic 30 amp.
I'm using Kimber 8TC cables and
they sound great.
To quote another, informed, poster:
"The cable characteristics that you are after is low resistance and low inductance as a first-order. Once you have these, then low dielectric absorption and low skin-effect are second-order. The reason that Nordost Valhallas sound reasonable that they have very low inductance. Other low-inductance cables are: Purist, AZ, Empirical Audio and Alpha-core Goertz."
I would also try Magnans, Innersound and inexpensive Nordost Superflatlines as a baseline.